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Republicans Promoting Medicare Theft to Repay Insurance Industry

Plan to rob Medicare and enrich corporations
Plan to rob Medicare and enrich corporations

During the break in the 112th Congress, Republicans in the House are in their home districts promoting the plan to privatize Medicare and Medicaid. The budget proposal, written by the Heritage Foundation and presented by Representative Paul Ryan (R-WI) is a typical Republican plan that gives corporations, the oil industry, and the extremely wealthy tax cuts. Republicans have been dreaming of privatizing Medicare to repay the insurance industry for campaign contributions regardless that elderly Americans will suffer from the privatization scheme.

In Heritage and Ryan’s plan, retirees who qualify for Medicare will receive a voucher to go on the open market to purchase health insurance. If there are co-pays, prescriptions, or costs that exceed the voucher’s monetary worth, it is too bad. For example, if a retiree buys a plan and there is a deductible, the retiree has to pay the extra expense from their own pocket. If there is a limit on the coverage for prescriptions, emergency room visits, or referral to a specialist that isn’t covered, the retired person has to pay for all the extras themselves. In a non-scientific poll, retired people complained that the voucher will not pay for their prescriptions, and claimed they could get by if they didn’t get sick and stopped taking most of the prescriptions from the doctor; otherwise, they would just die.

Republicans make it sound as if Medicare and Social Security are entitlements that are causing the country's budget woes, but they are liars. Social Security, for example, is a Trust that does not add to or take away from the nation’s budget. Republicans are propagating the meme that Social Security and Medicare are entitlement programs to engender hatred for the elderly and the poor, but that is false. Every working American pays in to Medicare and Social Security, so when Republicans want to take the funds in the Trust and give it to Wall Street to squander, they are stealing American’s retirement savings.

If retired people support the Heritage Foundation’s plan to privatize Medicare, they are cutting their own throats. The worked their entire lives, paid in to Social Security and Medicare, and then vote to give Republicans permission to steal the money and hand it directly to the people who nearly collapsed the world’s economy. Hopefully, voters are smarter than Republicans give them credit and will reject the plan to steal Medicare money to hand over to private insurance companies. Those insurance companies, Wall Street, and corporations also get tax cuts from the Republicans that will be paid for in part by the Medicare funds they intend to steal.

So when the Republicans are holding their town hall meetings to announce the theft of Medicare funds and privatization scheme, they will get support from moron conservatives who want the government turned over to the corporate world. However, intelligent Americans will be livid that Republicans are privatizing an efficient, successful system that covers every American who needs care.

The choice is simple; leave Medicare and Medicaid alone and have good health coverage, or let dirt-bag Republicans privatize the system. Just remember that privatization means doing without prescriptions, procedures, and personal doctors. The Republican Party and Heritage Foundation’s death panels have begun. Good luck seniors!


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