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Republicans plan alternative Obamacare legislation before midterm elections

House Majority Speaker Eric Cantor - Republicans getting their at together?
House Majority Speaker Eric Cantor - Republicans getting their at together?
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The New York Times reported Tuesday the Republicans plan to use town hall-like meetings this April to present alternatives to the Affordable Care Law (Obamacare).

The Republicans, under increasing pressure to formulate their own health care bill, will present comprehensive changes for the American people’s consumption months before the midterm elections.

The GOP has been chanting repeal and replace” Obamacare since it was ruled legal by the Supreme Court. Now they can fulfill House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s promise to have a vote on their health-care reform bill this year.

Democrats will undoubtedly stall any attempt to write and bring a bill through committee and the House floor before Congress is finished for the year.

The New York Times had labeled the town hall idea as “venues for publicizing a Republican plan.” Now they are billing them as “test-sites for a bunch of different ideas that may or may not be included in a possible proposal.”

Are the Republicans determined to succeed in this year’s elections?

The entire process will keep the American people focused on a law that has consistently rated low favorable polling. The daily publicity will keep Obamacare fresh in voter’s minds.

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