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Republicans once again try for health care reform

Republican HC Reform
Republican HC Reform
By Bert Loftman

Republicans are heading to Maryland for an annual conference retreat, and health care will be high on the agenda. They will likely consider the recent plan by Senators Tom Coburn, Richard Burr, and Orrin Hatch. Of course, they plan to repeal ObamaCare, which is about only good point. Otherwise, it is loaded with unconstitutional, big government control ideas:

  • Section 201: Adopt Common-Sense Consumer Protections – These include things like, “insurance companies would be prohibited from imposing lifetime limits on a consumer.” Perhaps this is a good idea but certainly unconstitutional according to its original intent. It is not a free market solution and if done, should be done at the state level.
  • Section 202: Create a New Protection To Help Americans With Pre-Existing Conditions – People with pre existing illness is a problem but it is a problem that the government caused. During World War II, the government gave income and FICA tax deductions or subsidies to insurance premiums when paid by employers. This is the major cause of the preexisting problem and needs to be changed by changing or ending the income tax codes.
  • Section 203: Empowering Small Business and Individuals with Purchasing Power. – This is a big government scheme with more cronyism that puts gives the insurance companies more money. The government putting money into anything drives up the costs and makes it harder for working people to afford things.
  • Section 204: Empowering States With More Tools to Help Provide Coverage While Reducing Costs – This plan continues to subsidize health care by grants to the states that will drive up costs. They continue the practice of trying to facilitate the devilish idea of job-based health care.
  • Section 204: Expand and Strengthen Consumer Directed Health Care – Health Savings Accounts are tax subsidies to health care and this increases costs. It is much better to end the income tax.
  • Title 3: Modernize Medicaid to Provide Better Coverage and Care to Patients – Medicaid and Medicare should be turned over to the states. There is no Constitutional basis for them if we follow the original intent of our Constitution.

Republicans should be working towards free market medical care where people own their own insurance policies without national interference. Instead they will most likely continue the crony capitalism of job-based medical care.

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