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Republicans join Democrats and the President in raising debt ceiling

President Obama and Congress increased the debt ceiling over $2 trillion, leading to out-of-control debt and a lowered credit rating. Will DC politicians continue to walk all over our economy, or will Americans rise up and stop them?
President Obama and Congress increased the debt ceiling over $2 trillion, leading to out-of-control debt and a lowered credit rating. Will DC politicians continue to walk all over our economy, or will Americans rise up and stop them?
by Sara Michele Crusade

As I wrote in my last column, it’s time for serious assessment of where we are going as a nation. After capitulating to pressure from the President and his leftist army in Congress, Republicans voted to allow an increase in the debt ceiling, supposedly to save America from a horrible credit down grade that could cause a major collapse of world faith in our ability to make good on our debts.

First, if we had the ability to make good on our debts, I suppose we wouldn’t need to print monopoly money at an alarming rate, and raise the debt ceiling so it appears we have more money than we owe. It’s simple economics, really; only spend what you have, and don’t project future spending at an amount greater than projected future revenue. Given the demise of the public school system (under the Democrats’ “big government/small brain” plan), I imagine this is basic high school math (it may have been middle school math at one point).

Second, Republicans should have listened more intently to the Tea Party conservatives who, for years, have been screaming as loudly as possible, that we need to cut spending, cut spending, cut spending. Nothing about increasing our debt ceiling says anything about cutting spending. There may be strength with negotiation in business, but not with capitulation in politics. Here we have, yet again, Republicans who have determined that maintaining their employment is more important than standing firmly with their oath of office, which is to protect and defend the constitution and this country against all enemies foreign and domestic.

Newly elected Congressmen swear, “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.”

Agreeing in any way, shape, or form to increasing the $14 trillion deficit by any amount is a dereliction of duty, and pretending it’s for the good of the country is surely evasive. Sadly I expect no less from Democrats, yet I still have a mustard seed of faith in Republicans. What seed is smaller than a mustard seed…?

Third, this sham perpetrated by our President and Congress did nothing to stabilize our credit rating, or increase the faith the world has in our financial future. Standard and Poor was correct to downgrade the U.S. Our rating should have been downgraded years ago, and perhaps we would have been encouraged to take some responsibility for fiscal accounting sooner. Moody and Fitch should have had the testicles (or ovaries for we conservative feminists) to make the correct call and downgrade the U.S. also, instead of playing politics for favor. Fox news commentator Bob Beckel suggested we should ignore the S&P downgrade because they supported the mortgage companies during the subprime debacle. According to Beckel, S&P has no credibility because of their past mistake. I say, perhaps S&P learned from their mistake and may now take their job as a rating agency more seriously. And if we’re going to negate credibility because of past actions then I suppose we should discount everything Beckel says, as he’s an ex-alcoholic and coke-head (according to Wikipedia); all mistakes being equal.

Seriously, however, even before the S&P lowered our credit rating, China issued a scathing condemnation of the debt crisis and increased debt ceiling, stating Obama and Congress merely added one inch to the very short fuse attached to our debt bomb. Perhaps Reid and Pelosi found comfort by the leftist handling of our debt, but China did not.

As if fisting the American people isn’t enough, Obama and Democrat members of Congress have now blamed the S&P downgrade on the Tea Party, calling it a “Tea Party downgrade.” Really, do the Democrats take responsibility for anything?! I bet they blame the stench of their fecal matter on President Bush/Republicans/Tea Party also. It’s quite simple: Congress and the President prostituted our money, got caught, and got punished. Sadly, we as a nation have been handed consequences for actions we didn’t take; but there’s a double entendre at work here. We as a nation did not vote to raise the debt ceiling or to spend our way out of debt, but neither did we vote to stop the narcissists in office who did.

Pain is coming. Entitlement programs and big government can be amputated from us now, or we can slowly and painfully bleed to death. The choice is ours. But for heaven’s sake; make a choice, stick with it, and do something about it. The time for Facebook blogging, though not over, has become secondary in the arsenal we have at our disposal. If we are to save this great country of ours we need to take action; to run for office or support real patriots who do; to infiltrate our children’s minds with the truth and the history of our constitution, in place of the tripe the Left has shoved between their ears under the auspices of the Department of Education. We need those who can herald news of the battle for us, but we need more foot soldiers in the war for freedom. Because we are in a war on freedom; and it is waged against these United States by Americans who find folly with our founding documents and prefer the failing European-socialist form of government; Americans who hold high offices and have deep-pocket friends.


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