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Republicans attempt to re-write history with denials of Bush-era terrorism

Former NYC Mayor Giuliani confused about definition of
Former NYC Mayor Giuliani confused about definition of
AP Photo/Kathy Willens

A disturbing new trend seems to be seeping from the Grand Old Party, and it is one that will force Americans to deny a number of key things such as facts, footage, common sense, and, yes, their own memories. Republicans appear ready to convince the country that September 11, 2001 wasn't part of George W. Bush's presidency.

I realize we Americans have short attention spans, but this is ridiculous.

Following the attempted terrorist attack on Christmas day aboard a Northwest Airlines flight from Amsterdam and bound for Detroit, Michigan, Republicans immediately launched one of their patented, and predictable, smear campaigns against the Obama Administration in an attempt to place blame for the foiled attack squarely on the lap of Barack Obama, thereby reaffirming to the already terrified tea party “patriots” that a black, Muslim, Kenyan-born president will never, ever, keep us safe.

And, presumably to help reinforce this dumbed-down-for-effect rhetoric, some key Republican fear mongers have even tried to trick people into believing that the terrorist attacks of September, 11, 2001, as well as others, didn't actually happen on George W. Bush's watch.

That's how stupid Republicans think the American people are. Truly. That's the smugness and arrogance of our GOP leaders in full bloom. They honestly believe whatever comes vomiting out of their mouths is the truth. They will let fly any nonsensical garbage, without pause to annoying tidbits like facts, because, in their minds, the intrusion of the truth will surface only after the American people have had time to digest these lies and successfully converted them into something not only plausible but believable. Because Republicans hold the monopoly on re-writing history to suit their agenda.

And the lies started well before Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab stuffed explosives into his underwear and boarded an airplane bound for the U.S.

Back on November 24th, Dana Perino, former press secretary under George W. Bush, told Sean Hannity that there were no terrorist attacks in America during her former boss's reign. Wow. 9/11 is the obvious one, but she apparently also “forgot” about some anthrax floating around the country and a man on a plane with a bomb in his shoe, among others.

Okay, so one person does not a conspiracy theory make. But, unfortunately, that wasn't the only Republican “gaffe” concerning Bush's aura of ultimate safety and security.

Bush's head cheerleader, former New York City Mayor Rudy Guliani, recently reaffirmed Perino's lie on ABC's Good Morning America. He later corrected himself, but still failed to acknowledge any of the other attacks during Bush's eight years as sheriff.

On December 27, Mary Matalin, former adviser to Dick Cheney, claimed that the beleaguered Bush Administration “inherited” 9/11 from Bill Clinton, despite proof that the Clinton Administration not only warned the incoming president of Bin Laden's threat to the U.S., but that the fledgling Bush Administration effectively ignored these warnings, choosing to focus instead on the cartoon villain Saddam Hussein.

Starting to see a pattern here.

Now Governor Haley Barbour (R-MS) has joined the chorus. He told Fox News' Neil Cavuto, regarding the Bush Administration after 9/11, “not one time were they able to attack the mainland United States again.”

The Republicans need to be careful with this one. Very careful. They're tip-toeing on dangerous ground with this unprecedented level of misinformation and lies. They are, in fact, in danger of exposing themselves for what they really are: a party interested not in the benefit and progress of the United States of America, but a party interested solely in the destruction of the Obama Administration at all costs. Even if their obvious lies, hatred and condescension toward the public results in the detriment of the very people they claim to care about the most. The American people.

A liar draped in the American flag is still a liar.


  • Jean Williams 5 years ago

    "A liar draped in the American flag is still a liar."

    Well said.

    Personally, after all the obstructionist activity I have seen from the Republican party--like encouraging people to get out and protest at tea bagger parties against health care and using as much clout as possible to stand in the way of climate regulation, and now they are seizing the Christmas day attempt as another way
    to hammer at Obama--they have already shown themselves to be against the president at all costs.

  • smerls 5 years ago

    These folks are clowns and Rudy Giuliani along with others still believe the terrorists hate us because we are "beautiful" or our lifestyle or whatever.

    I take exception to letting Bill Clinton off the hook. They attack us mainly because of our foreign policy in the middle east which dates back many decades. Clinton didn't do much good in this area. For 8yrs we had bases throughout the middle east particularly in Saudi Arabia. We were constantly bombing Iraq (does a pill factory come to mind). Yes Clinton may have warned Bush about 9/11 although that is kinda shady but Clinton did not help matters much either.

    So can we focus on OBama who is carrying on Bush's legacy. He is increasing troop in Afghanistan, bombing Pakistan (killing many civilian) and talking of war with Iran over their WMD's (sound familiar). In addition for a while now we have been involved in Yemen which is in the middle of civil war.

    So lets forget these clowns and focus on Obama and not let him off the

  • holeinthedonut 5 years ago

    sadly the people they're talking to believe this BS completely, that's why it works.

  • Republican 5 years ago

    I can admit that the party I have historically supported has made plenty of mistakes. However, I can also see that the root cause of most of these mistakes applies to Republicans and Democrats alike and the system is in desperate need of an overhaul. What drives me crazy about you liberals is that you honestly think you are right ALL the time and you ignore the facts just as much as any of the politicians you support. It isn't even worth debating any of the half-assed points that you make in this article or the comments that were made because you don't want to hear anyone else's point of view. You just want to spew your hatred and disdain and go back to your misrerable lives. Good luck with that.

  • Walter Osbourne 5 years ago

    Hey Scott, what they were referring to was the fact that there were no successful terrorist attacks on America after 9/11. Where is the lie in that statement? Now if they didn't word it correctly and you want to hold everyone accountable for every misstatement or downright stupid statement, then Obama must be a real dumb-ass for saying that he's been to all 57 states in America and when he spoke of the "Austrian Language."

    Search Obama Austrian Language on YouTube

    Search Obama 57 States on YouTube

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    Yes we're starting to see a pattern. Two years into this disaster of a presidency and you're still crying about George Bush.

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