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Republicans are racing to the bottom of a-hole'ism

When you bleed the politics out of it, when you take our first black president and opposition to everything Obama out of the equation, when you look at it dead on, what you have when you look at what Republicans, and more specifically, tea partiers, are doing to this nation, it's really just a race to see who can be the biggest a-hole. And this race to the bottom of a-hole'ism is really, really not cool. Their policies affect people, and Republican a-holes are deliberately, casually, carelessly hurting them. And for these bible-thumping allegedly Jesus-loving types, it's far worse. In fact, a song by Collin Raye sums the Republican America up quite nicely (see video).

Many people - myself, as a yellow dog Dem and proud liberal, included - view actions through the lens of simple politics. But forget about politics for a minute, and look at the heart (or, more importantly, heartlessness) of this Republican mess. Look at it as one human being would view, and judge, another - based on his or her actions. Look at the Republican policies, and tell me what's worthy, in simply human terms, about any of them.

For instance, what would you call a person who looks at hungry people and, instead of feeding them, wants to snatch away more from what little they have? How would you view, in human, not political, terms, someone who wants to cut $5 billion from a food stamp program that will negatively impact, oh, about 900,000 of our nation's veterans? Tell me how cool you think it is that people like Ted Cruz paraded around in front of veterans memorials during the government shutdown that he caused, and lectured us that "our veterans should be above political games," while simultaneously supporting programs that will starve our veterans? A-hole, that's how most of us would view him.

How about Paul Ryan, who, in addition to other psychotic belief systems, wants the poorest of our population to be forced to choose between having a car and having food? In Ryan's world, if you have a car worth $5,000 or $2,000 to your name, you should be ineligible for food assistance. In Ryan's vision, the working poor should have to walk to work so their families can be fed. What an a-hole.

Let's look at the 2011 "Let Women Die" Act, which the House overwhelmingly passed. That Act - ironically named the "Protect Life Act" - would have allowed hospitals to literally let women die rather than allow them to have an abortion. And on that same note, what would you call someone who tries to pass a law that would prevent doctors from learning how to provide life-saving abortion procedures? A clown car full of a-holes, that's what.

And we don't want to even get started on the LGBT community and the Republican desire to see those individuals penalized and beaten down and treated as second class citizens. Tell me how noble it is to attempt to deny human beings the right to love and cherish whomever they choose? Let's talk about how you'd view someone who believes a business should be able to discriminate against someone based solely on who they love. Total a-holes, that's the view.

Would you appreciate the humanity of someone who thinks he can administer a transvaginal ultrasound before you, as a woman, can obtain a safe, legal, medical procedure? Hell no - you'd call him an a-hole. Tell me how much you'd admire, on a personal level, someone who works tirelessly so that millions of people without health insurance continue to go without? Forget the politics, forget the money, look at the fact of this massive Republican opposition to Obamacare: A bunch of a-holes will not stop trying to prevent uninsured Americans from getting much-needed health insurance; this same group of a-holes are even trying to convince young people that they're immortal, that they won't need it, shouldn't want it, and should - out of shared spite - refuse to obtain it. Capital "A" A-holes.

Watching this group of creepy people at work, watching the political discussions around all of these tea party policies that hurt Americans, watching the self-righteousness of a group of people who want to deprive, deny, take away, undo, and eliminate - a group who never, ever talks about building anything for our most needy citizens - is tiresome and maddening. People are going hungry and going without healthcare, women are being nearly forced to have children they don't choose to have, our veterans are only useful to this teabagging group of inhumane a-holes when they can use them as props to try to humiliate President Obama, women are practically begging for contraceptive coverage in the face of a group of white guys who self-righteously want to dictate others' sexual choices, and for some reason this is all viewed as politics. It's not. It's a group of stone cold a-holes, and it's time we call them what they are.

In the race to the bottom of Republican a-hole'ism, far too many of them are in a dead heat.

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