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Republicans and conservatives absent as federal court legalizes gay marriage

Not all, but a clear majority of republicans and conservatives have abandoned their efforts to secure a definition of marriage that excludes same sex couples.
When a federal appeals court struck down Virginia's ban on same sex marriage this week little suprise or dismay was apparent.
It was especially obvious in traditionally conservative media, which is now predicting that same sex marriage is inevitable across the country.
Part of the reason for that mistake, especially in Virginia, might be that their last candidate for governor here, Ken Cuccinelli, was defeated. Not only was he defeated, but many in his own party considered him out of touch with the modern world and too "socially" conservative.
Not all conservatives agree with the new attitude yet. The Family Foundation of Virginia, Catholic leaders, other people of faith and other community involvement complained, but their voices are not being heard.
They are not able to lead. They are not able to put forth good arguments. That does not mean that good arguments do not exist. Those really do. It does mean that they are not making them heard.
Part of the reason for that is that they put their trust in leaders who fail them. The mistake their leaders are making is following. Their leaders are following the majority opinion. Some leaders are actually posers who have no intention of persuading anyone marriage needs to be taken more seriously.
No one "led" the country to the mess now found. Leaders failed to make arguments, failed to lead, failed to persuade that the path taken by the blind following the blind was the wrong path.

  1. An argument being made was that social conservatism was somehow a different thing from fiscal conservatism. It should be no surprise that people who believe that will not uphold traditional marriage.
  2. Another argument being made was that marriage is a personal thing separate from government concern.

Many church goers are proud of making that argument. It is important to them that they mind their own business. It was the main argument in conservative media responding to the court decision.
Where that argument fails is that when others do not abide by strict marriage contracts they are not really "minding their own business." Business associates without regard for strict marriage contracts can wreak havoc on the lives of other people, especially in that business. Fiscal conservatives please take note.
That argument was not made on conservative media or by any other leaders. Leaders typically avoid that truth lest they offend the popular rich crowd with its Hollywood attitudes toward marriage.
Those same Hollywood attitudes toward marriage probably hold considerable sway over conservative media, financially and otherwise.
Although candidate for United States Representative for the Seventh District Dave Brat would have us believe "Our fundamental rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness precede the existence of government and come from God, the Author of Nature" that is not persuading anyone to take marriage more seriously yet. Some key element must still be missing. Talk to me Dave, maybe I can tell you what it is.

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