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Republican's weak leadership helps Obama push immigration agenda

Illegal immigrants in Texas border towns are overwhelming Border Agents and law enforcement.
Illegal immigrants in Texas border towns are overwhelming Border Agents and law enforcement.
Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

By taking advantage of the Republican Party leadership weakness, the Obama Administration has been aiding and influencing the rising avalanche of illegal aliens and refugees cross U.S. borders to force another possible illegal presidential action to move his immigration agenda forward.

Like the President, a fellow Democrat from Illinois, Representative Luis Gutierrez told Breitbart News yesterday that Barack Obama “has within existing law the power to take action to protect the immigrant community and I think he will take those actions.”

As recently as last month Obama used his Department of Homeland Security to begin flying illegal immigrants to Arizona from the Rio Grande Valley in Texas causing a storm for an already overwhelmed Border Patrol and law enforcement agencies.

“We are processing hundreds of undocumented immigrants with various diseases that are so bad some of our agents are getting sick,” a Border Patrol Agent in South Texas said. “We are not sure what the federal government thinks they are up to, or what their intention is, but these diseases could spread across the country.”

The agent, under the condition of anonymity, told the Examiner that although publicly the Department of Homeland Security may not admit it, the agents “are becoming increasingly concerned as more of us are contacting these diseases.”

The agent said he feels like the Republican Party leaders, who his colleagues “want to depend on, are sending mixed signals and showing a weak front in helping us with immigration and drug smuggling.”

“I’m hopeful that they will wake up and listen to the American people before it’s too late,” the agent said. “We know that many of them are criminals but we don’t have the time or resources to do anything about it.”

“What worries us most, and no one is talking about it, is that they (immigrants) are being transported to other destinations and being released,” the agent continued. “It’s not funny, but it’s a joke to tell them they have to report back in 15 days. Who seriously believes they are going to turn themselves back in?”

“We’ve been told that in Texas over a thousand undocumented immigrants are being processed each day,” sited the agent. “We don’t have the time or the resources to screen for diseases. All we know is that some of us are getting sick too and we are giving it to our own children. Thank goodness school is out or it would continue to get worse.”

Vice President of the National Border Patrol Council Shawn Moran told Brietbart Texas that our border agents are in a reactive mode against “changing trends in illegal immigration and drug smuggling” because drug cartels are in power and control.

Before the crisis, the Obama Administration cut the pay and hours of Border Patrol agents who are “working in horrible conditions,” Moran told Breitbart. “Since the CPB started reducing the hours agents can work, we have seen an overall increase in smuggling and illegal alien crossing.”

Moran also revealed that the drug carts are knowledgeable of law enforcement's “limitations and our weak points and they are taking full advantage of them.”

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is up in arms about the Obama Administrations reaction and policy to send immigrant children from Texas into her state which has an overwhelmed system due to a lack of federal response.

Brewer’s communication chief, Andrew Wilder puts the blame for the border invasion square on President Obama and his administration.

"As word continues to grow throughout other countries that America's borders are open, if you get to our border you will be welcomed, we expect the influx that is already a crisis level ... will continue,'' Wilder stated. "If this administration would put half the effort into securing the border that it has put into this operation of transporting illegal aliens to Arizona, and other states possibly, then this crisis wouldn't exist.''

“Besides the diseases, we (the agents) are having a serious breakout of (parasite) scabies,” the Border Patrol Agent added.

Data ranges from 7.5% to over 30% of incoming immigrants are testing positive for a Class A or Class B medical conditions according to the US Census Bureau and other reporting agencies.

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