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Republicans' Hillary 2016 desperation shown in Boko Haram, Benghazi witch hunts

Today, ambulance-chasing Republicans took a break from their classless, tacky effort to raise money on the dead bodies of Benghazi, to push their newest non-scandal: Nigerian girl-nappers Boko Haram were not designated a terror group when Hillary was secretary of state. Because clearly Hillary should have parachuted in personally and killed everyone in Boko Haram, just like she should have parachuted into the CIA outpost in Benghazi and rescued the embassy with her bare hands.

This latest round of Republican desperation is backfiring: political commentators are laughing at how pathetic desperate conservatives look with ongoing fake outrages, molehill mountains, and tiresome scandal-mongering.

Americans are sick of Republicans' weird paranoia, constant negativity, and inability to put forth a positive agenda to move America forward. Conservatives have no ideas besides bashing Hillary and Obama because they know their economic and social policies disgust the country. So the party of the bigoted, sexist, greedy, selfish, and anti-gay can only try to spread their Hillary Derangement Syndrome.

Boko Haram was around when Bush was President -- why didn't Republicans designate it a terror organization? The Republican-led House controls the money and receives the same international reports that State and the CIA does -- why didn't House Republicans push to oppose Boko Haram?

As reasonable American understand, terrorist designations are handled strategically, with input from various government agencies here and abroad. When Democrats are in office, that means careful attention and diplomacy before pulling the trigger because once a small, fringe group like Boko Haram is given the terror designation by the US it raises their profile and gives the bad guys a propaganda tool to recruit and raise money. Since Republicans are like children who do not think before they act -- drunkenly leading the country into costly wars like Iraq -- it is not surprising that the party of right-wing recklessness cannot process the world strategy here.

Bush administration official turned Benghazi truther Ron Christie, for example, is still pushing the discredited and debunked lie that Hillary Clinton personally denied extra security to Benghazi -- ludicrous since the facility where the Benghazi attack occurred was a CIA outpost, not under State Department control. But what else is expected from the same people who lied the country into wars and debt?

Do Republicans think voters care about when precisely a random African gang of kidnappers was designated a terror group? Do conservatives believe voters are so stupid to think that a decision like this falls on one person, in this case Hillary?

If they were smart, the right wing would push scandals selectively: when the sky is constantly falling, soon voters tune it out. Hillary probably hopes Teathuglicans stay in their echo chambers of witch hunts and unskewed polls -- so they'll again be shocked when the next Democratic candidate wins easily.

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