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Republican party leader shows contempt for Muslims and gays

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Have you ever heard of David Agema, a Republican party committee member from Michigan? Before recently, neither have I. Well, he stated in a Facebook post, "Have you ever seen a Muslim do anything that contributes positively to the American way of life?" Wow.

Look, I don't agree with Islam. Like all religions, it is not literally true. Also, Islam, like fundamentalist Christianity, has often promoted intolerance against gays, atheists and women's rights.

But the idea that no member of the Islamic religion contributes to our way of life is absurd. They don't own businsses, work hard and pay taxes?

Of course, Agema is not just intolerant against Muslims, but also gays. He has referred to gays as "filthy homosexuals." This is a man with a lot of issues. Now, is he the face of the Republican party? Somewhat.

Indeed, he has written that gays are responsible for half the murders in large cities in the U.S. What?! They are maybe, 5% of the population (a bit more in larges cities) but half the murders? Heck, I don't think they commit murder even comparable to the percentage they are of the population. Half?!

The original source for this bogus stat by the way was a religious zealot of a judge back in the 1950s who hated gays. Hardly a scientific study.

There are many Republicans who are grossly intolerant of other groups, be they ordinary Muslims, gays, atheists or feminists. Basically anyone who doesn't look exactly like them or think like them.

I would be shocked if Agema wasn't on the religious right-wing, and the religious right-wing in this nation has a history of promoting fear and hatred. 50 years ago it was against African Americans and Jews. Now, against other groups.

The question is, why does anyone listen to them and why does the Republican party allow their party to be controlled by them?