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Republican Contempt on Full Display Over Payroll Tax Cut

The current impasse over the payroll tax cut and unemployment benefit extensions have revealed the Republican’s contempt for 160 million hardworking Americans by raising their taxes on January 1, 2012. Instead of helping Americans who actually work for a living, the GOP protects the wealthy from a measly 3.25% surtax on income over one million dollars annually.

The Republicans instead coupled the tax cuts with a gift to the oil industry in the guise of creating jobs. The Keystone XL pipeline will create only 5,000 manual labor, low-paying jobs and the oil will be processed and exported to Europe and South America; the profits to the oil industry will be tax-free because they are foreign. Republicans also attached billions in healthcare cuts for seniors, eliminated thousands of federal jobs, froze the pay of federal employees, and added unnecessary requirements for tax forms that punish low income filers.

There is no end to the Republicans assault on 99% of Americans who are not ultra-wealthy, and their goal of sending millions into poverty while destroying the middle class displays a level of contempt Adolf Hitler would be proud of. This is the fourth time in a year that Republicans have held the American people and economy hostage to reward corporations and the rich making them extortionists and common criminals. Speaker of the House John Boehner and the rest of his criminal cohorts deserve scorn and impeachment for punishing the American people because they elected an African American man as president and it informs the racial hatred conservatives have for minorities.

Americans deserve better than to be treated like peasants, but that is the goal of vile Republicans who promised in the 2010 midterm elections to focus on “jobs, jobs, and jobs.” They have focused on killing jobs since the start of the 112th Congress and except for their continuing assault on women and gays, killing jobs and preventing economic recovery has been their prime directive. As Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said, Republicans only goal since January 2,009 was to make President Obama a one term president and if it means destroying the economy and sending half of Americans into poverty, then they are half-way toward achieving one part of their goal.

Republicans are using the two-month extension as pretext to avoid extending the payroll tax cut for 160 million Americans because they hated the idea of the payroll tax cut from the start. They have no intention of extending the cuts. They will, however, push for a permanent extension of the Bush-era tax cuts for the wealthy to be paid for with middle class and poor tax increases. If any American had doubts about how far Republicans are willing to go to force 99% of Americans into poverty, their doubts should now be answered. With 1.6 million children being homeless, half of Americans living at or near the federal poverty level ($22,450 annual income for a family of four), and Draconian spending cuts that eliminated millions of jobs and cut services to tens-of-millions of seniors, disabled, children, and poor Americans so far, it is painfully obvious that Republicans are enemies of the people and America itself.

The vile, worthless Republicans are on a roll to decimate a once vibrant middle class and until 99% of the population are peasants, they are not going to stop. While they are celebrating the holidays in opulence paid for by taxpayers, they will be celebrating the demise of the people they were elected to serve and their ignorant supporters who are hungry, frightened, and barely subsisting from day-to-day, will still cheer their contemptible heroes for opposing anything a Black man in the Oval Office does to help the people. Merry Christmas Republicans; Americans cannot wait to see what further damage you have in store for them in the New Year. At the rate they have been going, it will be painful, devastating, and cruel to anyone who is not filthy rich. The biggest travesty is that these evil Republicans hold a bible and claim to be Christians. Apparently, their god approves of destroying lives and the economic security of 160 million working Americans and half of the population already living in poverty. Jesus would retch and weep that Republicans use his name to impose such despair on good Americans. Republicans are so contemptible that decimating the economy and American people doesn’t faze the vile criminals whose only goal is defending the rich, corporations, Wall Street, and the oil industry; the Republicans’ real god.


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