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Republican Congressional District 18 candidate meets with local Libertarians

Republican Nick Wukoson is running in Congressional District 18 in Florida

The Libertarian Party of Palm Beach County had its regular monthly meeting last night, April 21, 2014 in downtown Lake Worth, Florida with guest speaker Nick Wukoson, candidate for Florida U.S. House of Representatives District 18. The number of libertarians in attendance was smaller than normal, likely due to a scheduling conflict with the venue. Wukoson is one of nine Republicans seeking to get past the August, 2014 primary to face Democrat incumbent Patrick Murphy in the November, 2014 general election.

Wukoson is a former police officer running with the tagline "Restoring Accountability" where he hopes if elected to introduce a bill, which would create true transparency of the spending to the American public in an unbiased fashion. He states what is given out now is hard to understand and the General Accounting Office could do more in getting real numbers out in the open. He also said he is looking to expose "big government abuse on both sides of the isle."

Wukoson was in agreement with the libertarians on most issues and the crowd was more than helpful in offering their advice for him to change his stance on the drug laws in the nation. He said he was for the legalization of medical marijuana, as over 77% of Floridians are as well, but thought the plant need to be studied further. Wukoson is in favor of continuing the drug war and unlike many of his former colleagues in law enforcement, has never heard of the organization Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP). LEAP is an organization of former law enforcement and judges who realized the War on Drugs has been an abject failure and are actively seeking to reverse the harms they created by arresting and ruining American lives simply for engaging in a free market economy.

The issue of term limits came up as well and overall he was not in favor of term limits. He said, "Well yes and no" to the question if he would vote for a term limits bill should it come up in the U.S. House during his tenure. Wukoson liked the concept of term limits, however voiced his concern that suppose he was seeing progress with some major legislation in his eighth year; he would like to stay longer to see it to its completion. However that aside, he had no intention in staying in D.C. more than eight years.

The Republican candidate also was promoting his Accountability Plan, which he said would force programs to prove their effectiveness, otherwise they would be eliminated. According to Wukoson, that alone would save taxpayers billions each year that could be used to dramatically reduce the annual deficit and likely could spark a reduction of the national debt.

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