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Republican Congress Breached Treaty Obligations

Native Vote
Native Vote

Republican Congress Breached Treaty Obligations


Terrance H. Booth, Sr. Neesh Wil Gum - Tsimshian Nation

The Republican Sequestration Congress passing the budget cause them to breach treaty obligations and not only breached its obligation but when against U.S. Supreme Court: “In the treaties the United States obtained land it wanted from the tribes, and in return, the United States set aside other reservation lands for those tribes and guaranteed that the federal government would respect “the sovereignty of the tribes........would 'protect' the tribes ….. [and would]provide food, clothing and services to the tribes”” [1]

Seems like there would be away of censuring those in Congress who not only breached treaty obligations but even when against the US Supreme Court that interprets the laws of the land. Basically, the Republican Congress put into place the Republican Sequestration that they should be held in violation of treaty obligations directly against Alaska Native and Native Americans and have gone against Legal Opinions of the U.S. Supreme Court.

The U.S. in 1977 expressed in a Senate Report the Trust Obligation as follows: “The purpose behind the trust doctrine is and always has been to ensure the survival and welfare of Indian tribes and people. This includes and obligation to provide those services required to protect and enhance Indian lands, resources, and self-government, and also includes those economic and social programs which are necessary to raise the standard of living and social well-being of the Indian people to a level comparable to non-Indian society.” [2]

Given that Alaska Natives and Native American Peoples are the most regulated by acts of Congress, by Executive Orders, more legislative action that are either adverse or favorable it seems like legislation is put into place depending on the mood of Congress. Native's very lives hinges upon the actions of Congress. So it appears who is placed into the Office of the President, who is elected into the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives has direct meaning on what is drawn up in form of legislation and depending on what is decided for Alaska Natives and Native Americans. As we have seen before us is the Republican Sequestration that not only hurt Native American Programs but hurt all the poor of America.

Alaska Natives and Native American can make historic voting history on November 4, 2014. This is the direct way to show our dissatisfaction to our elected and make known that they have directly violated treaty obligations and not even censured for their legislative action on voting in Republican Sequestration and put into place major budget cuts for Alaska Native and Native American Tribal Programs. Time to make changes and Native Vote is busy at work check them out: @NativeVote on Twitter they are targeting key states where our Native Vote Counts and our votes are protected.

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