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Republic F.C. nets the Hammerheads 2-0 to remain unbeaten at Bonney Field

Action from Wednesday night's game.
Action from Wednesday night's game.
Joseph Ulibas

A pleasant evening greeted the fans as the Wilmington Hammerheads F.C. came into town to play the home team The Sacramento Republic F.C. A sellout crowd was on hand to witness the Republic inch their way closer to securing a top seed in the postseason tournament whilst the Hammerheads are trying to finish the season with a respectable record. Both teams are hungry and it’s shaping up to be a real exciting game. It will be up to the goalie play of Dominik Jakubek and the triple headed attack of Tommy Stewart, Rodrigo Lopez and Adam Jahn to seize tonight’s victory.

Tonight’s kickoff was pushed back a half hour to accommodate the fans due to the hot evening Sacramento weather. The game started off with the the Hammerheads wining the coin toss and controlling the ball during the first few minutes. They put pressure on the Republic very early but Sacramento’s defense and Jakubek’s strong play in front of the net prevented Wilmington from scoring. Sacramento however took the ball back and made a push of their own and Tommy Stewart scored in the fifteen minute to give them a 1-0 lead.

Despite being down a goal, Wilmington continued to attack Sacramento and pushing their way down the pitch. The Republic would stymie their offensive attempts but were likewise in the same position as the Hammerheads who would also stop them cold. Both teams were able to move the ball at will but the goalie play of Jakubek and Brad Stuver would shutdown their respective strikers. The first half would end with a last minute shot-on-goal blitz by Sacramento but they could punch it in as both teams would walk back to the locker with the score 1-0.

The second half began just like the first with the Hammerheads dominating Sacramento with their ball control offense. Unfortunately for them, they played exactly the same and were denied several scoring opportunities due to the magnificent goalie play of Dominik Jakubek who made a few brilliant saves waking the crowd up. The Republic were able to move the ball down the pitch as well and made three shot-on-goals but neither of them were able to enter the net. Both teams are playing excellent defense on the pitch and in front of the goalie box.

Sacramento continues to make shot-on-goals but Wilmington goalie Brad Stuver continues to play solid defense keeping the Hammerheads in this game with a possible chance to score an equalizer in the closing minutes. Emarah Klimenta scores a goal in the 77th minute to put the Republic up 2-0. He is immediately dog piled by his teammates on the sidelines as they celebrate the score. With the goal, Sacramento pads their lead by two in the final 12 minutes of game time.

The Republic nearly scores again in the 79th minute with a one-on-one with the goalie but the shot sails over the goalie box. Wilmington takes possession and moves the ball down the pitch whilst maintaining the ball and misses a wide open shot. Time is running out for the Hammerheads as they go into desperation mode and open up a can of tricks to try and slow down the freight train momentum of the Republic as they enter into their clock killing formation. Sacramento breaks out in the 85th minute in a one-on-one situation with the goalie but misses the shot wide left.

Despite the barrage of shot-on-goals, the Hammerheads maintain their composure and prevent the Republic from scoring. Wilmington makes one last offensive attacking scheme to try and erase the goose egg on the score board in the final minutes of the game. They have been keeping the ball on Sacramento’s side but loose defensive play from the Hammerheads left the an alley lane open for a Republic attacker who misses a one-on-one with Brad Stuver in the 89th minute. Three more minutes have been added to the game due to an on field injury early in the second half.

Sacramento Republic F.C. defeats the Wilmington Hammerheads F.C. 2-0 to remain unbeaten at Bonney Field and clinches a home playoff game. The Republic will play again next Wednesday on August 27th at Bonney Field against the Charleston Battery. Tickets to the game are availible at Tickermaster and they are going fast so act now! For more information about the Sacramento Republic F.C. please visit their website for all the latest news, future games and where to buy some team apparel.

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