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Reports state Bully Ray is leaving TNA Wrestling

Is Bully Ray leaving TNA Wrestling for good?
TNA Impact Wrestling

Bully Ray is not just one of the best main event wrestlers in TNA Impact Wrestling, but in all of the business these days. Now, it appears as if he could be heading elsewhere. WrestleZone exclusively reported on the evening of Aug. 17, 2014, that Bully Ray's contract is either up or about to be up, and he won't be returning to the company.

If this turns out to be true, it would be huge because Bully Ray is by far one of the top names in the entire company.

Ever since the announcement that SpikeTV was cancelling TNA "Impact Wrestling," the status of the company has been totally up in the air. There are still a couple of months left on the current deal and then TNA is doing a set of dates overseas. After that, no-one really knows.

Apparently, Bully Ray has not received the type of new deal he was hoping to get from TNA and has since decided to depart. It appears as if he has actually already told the locker room that he won't sign a new deal with TNA and his recent live performance was his last.

Currently, TNA has "Impact Wrestling" episodes taped through much of September.

This is not good news for TNA at all if it happens to be true. Due to contracts expiring or not having the money or simply not offering new deals, the company has lost AJ Styles, Hulk Hogan, Sting, Chris Daniels, Frankie Kazarian, and others in the past few months.

Losing Bully Ray may end up putting a huge nail in the coffin of any possible talks that TNA and Dixie Carter are having with SpikeTV or any other networks.

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