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Reports say WWE may have granted CM Punk his early release

Reports state that WWE has released CM Punk early.

The status of CM Punk in WWE seems to have finally come to a head as WrestleZone reported on Monday, Feb. 17, 2014. There is no official word from the company itself, but word is being passed around that CM Punk has been granted his early release from his contract.

This is not official by any stretch of the imagination, and won't be until WWE passes their word down.

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Many people have thought that the entire CM Punk "walking away" from WWE was an angle. They just don't believe that it is real since he walked out after the "Royal Rumble" and hasn't been seen or even mentioned since.

CM Punk is still listed on the roster page, and he has not been taken out of the history completely or anything like that.

Some believe that Punk could just be staying away as some sore of elaborate angle and will return in time for "WrestleMania XXX" in New Orleans. Others, including Punk himself, state that he is done with the company and won't be coming back.

Whether he is just taking time off or fed up with WWE, it appears as if CM Punk has been granted his early release, if the reports are true.

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