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Reports on Ohio execution appear biased

Joy Stewart
Joy Stewart

I read several news articles yesterday describing the execution of Ohio death row inmate Dennis McGuire. It was apparent by the slant that the articles were written that the writers were opposed to capital punishment.

They described the long agonizing 25 minutes it took for McGuire to die. Apparently McGuire snorted, which was actually put in some headlines about the execution.

McGuire’s daughter observed the execution and was quoted as saying “Oh, my god.”

Where in these articles was a description of the horrific crime that McGuire committed and was condemned by a jury for.

In 1989 Joy Stewart, 22, an 8 month pregnant newlywed, was kidnapped raped and stabbed to death. Stewart tried to blame his brother of the murder but was convicted. DNA evidence confirmed he was the killer and he eventually admitted to the horrific crime.

McGuire’s attorney, Allen Bohnert, was quoted as saying, “the State of Ohio should be appalled at what was done here today in their names.”

One of Bohnert’s many appeals was that McGuire’s trial attorneys did not fight hard enough for him at trial, a common argument in death penalty cases. This was found nt to be true by every court it went in front of, including the U.S. Supreme Court. I believe Bohnert should be investigated for making false allegations against fellow members of the Ohio Bar Association.

I am a proponent of capital punishment. I respect the views of those who oppose it. I have had many an intelligent conversation with them.

My point here is that any news article that did not go in to what McGuire actually did, not just one sentence in a long article, has no credibility unless it’s put on the opinion page.

Once I was in a debate with a friend over this issue who said, “you know if they televised executions and people observed them, they would be outlawed.”

I replied, “I disagree, if they showed an accurate re-enactment of the actual crime first, I believe most people would say the condemned got off easy.”


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