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Reports of the crash site of MH-17 being looted

Malaysia Airlines
Malaysia Airlines

Today, those who have been to the site of the down Malaysian airliner, are reporting that the area has tampered with and that items of those who perished on board this plane, are being looted and moved about. The sight of where the plane and those aboard, has drawn local people to walk among the wreckage, but in doing so, evidence could be destroyed by their actions. Bodies are still laying the 10 miles of the wreckage, but some locals have taken upon themselves to remove and cover some of the bodies then placing the bodies along the side of the road. The United States has stated that they have concluded that a surface-to-air missile launched from rebel-held territory in eastern Ukraine brought down a Malaysia Air jetliner, killing all 298 people on board on Thursday.

The wreckage of MH17 is a grim sight as bodies that are still in the seats or bodies that have been dismembered by the missile attack has the Ukrainian authorities today accusing Russia and the rebels of 'trying to destroy evidence' at the crash site by removing 38 of the bodies, despite international calls to leave the area untouched. Also, The Organization for Security and Cooperation has stated that gunmen have prevented monitors from accessing the fatal site. An OSCE spokesman said Friday some gunmen in the area seemed intoxicated while others would not let the team of about 25 observers look at the wreckage of the Boeing 777 and calling the behavior "impolite and unprofessional.” Reports from the field of American news personnel tell a story of disrespect and that the dignity of those lost being ignored.

Chris Cuomo on CNN has said in interviews that what he is seeing is unbelievable. He told CNN in an interview this morning that the bodies are just either been completed neglected or in an unsophisticated matter bodies being moved. Cuomo also reported that the hostilities in this Pro-Russian territory has also stopped legitimate agencies and help from going to the crash site. Also reported in the area is the sound of gunfire and still yet there are fires burning.

It increasingly appears Flight 17 was downed by a Russian-made surface-to-air missile known by its NATO designation SA-11 Gadfly according to U.S. Military and intelligence agencies, but that they state they are still investigating. According to some U.S. Law-enforcement officials, The Federal Bureau of Investigation will be advised into the investigation of the crash and that they have sent a specialist in explosives to Ukraine.

Yesterday, President Obama spoke about the tragedy, “Their deaths are an outrage of unspeakable proportions,” and that the fighting in Ukraine has raged because “Russia has refused to take the concrete steps necessary to de-escalate the situation.” Fighting has continued in the eastern Ukraine and that away from the crash site 20 civilians were killed yesterday when the surrounding districts of the city of Luhansk were shelled by the insurgents.