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Reports from the ground at Conn. gun rights rally

Thousands gather in Hartford to hold gun rights rally.
Thousands gather in Hartford to hold gun rights rally.
Photo by David Ryder/Getty Images

Connecticut's gun rights rally on the state capitol grounds in Hartford Saturday was better attended than all of the expectations beforehand. At least 3,000 persons gathered for the event, and one reporter stated that he counted 5,000.

The high number of attendees, however, is but a microcosm of what is going on in the state in the aftermath of the new restrictive gun, magazine, and bullet laws passed by the legislature and signed by the governor.

Rumors have been afloat for months that over 100,000 state residents have defied the new laws by refusing to register "assault weapons," "high capacity" magazines, and refraining from loading more than 10 bullets into those magazines.

It has also been rumored that certain law enforcement groups in the state fully support the gun rights activists and are determined to refuse to enforce the new laws.

Saturday's rally was entirely peaceful without a single incident reported to police. And law enforcement assigned to the event were friendly, even helpful, to the protesters in spite of the fact that at least half of the participants were engaging in open carry of firearms.

David Codrea of The Examiner and The War on Guns was the featured speaker, and he has provided links to the video of the speech. Part Two of the speech can be viewed here.

YouTube also has a collection of videos of all of the speeches from Saturday's event.

Ron Gaudreau also alerted The Examiner to an entire collection of photos he took at the rally, which he has posted at Facebook.

The good news concerning the widespread interest in Connecticut in demonstrating opposition to the state's new gun laws is that such sentiments appear to be spreading. States such as New York, Rhode Island, and Maryland report significant citizen resistance to more restrictions on gun rights. And Rhode Island in particular stopped cold the advance toward more gun restrictions by electing key gun rights activists to important positions in the state legislature.

But the bad news is that the federal government has not relented one iota. Attorney General Eric Holder disclosed today that the Justice Dept. is considering tracking bracelets for firearms, meaning that if you purchase and carry a gun, the federal government would like to be able to track you like a criminal.

Apparently the Feds have not heard that gun owners in the states are successfully resisting any effort to further restrict their gun rights by state and local governments. They are angry, motivated, and ready to defend those rights against any entity, including the federal government.


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