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Reporting domestic violence among illegal aliens

Illegal Immigrants and Domestic Violence

According to an article published in the last 24 hours by the Denver Post, The American Civil Liberties Union and the Colorado Coalition Against Domestic Violence recently criticized a decision made by the Garfield County Sheriff’s office because the decision made completely opposed a Colorado Law which protected illegal immigrants from deportation.

Why the public display of displeasure?

According to the coalition and Civil Liberties Union, such actions are not in accordance with Colorado domestic violence law. The law in question? Colorado law SB 90 passed in 2006, which requires sheriffs to report any individuals arrested who are suspected to be illegal immigrants to Federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement except those involved in domestic violence cases, unless there is a conviction.

The lack of reporting is due to concerns for deportation. Many counties in Colorado no longer report domestic violence cases to authorities according to the article because of the risk for deportation.

Many individuals fear that a woman or man being abused is less likely to report it because they fear deportation. Thus, fewer domestic violence cases will be reported. It is important that all people are given ample opportunity to report domestic abuse. That is one reason the law was enacted to begin with. It's a tought call. Some counties are reversing their decision and turning illegal immigrants over regardless of a conviction.

What are your thoughts on the issue? Please chime in! We'd love to hear from you. Should exceptions to the rule be made? Should illegal immigrants be protected from deportation?


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