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Reporter stops kisses on live Boston TV coverage of bombings

Reporter stops kisses from two women on live TV coverage in Boston
Reporter stops kisses from two women on live TV coverage in Boston
Fox News

A reporter stops kisses from two women while on live TV? That’s what happened to one Fox News reporter in Boston, as he was covering the Boston Marathon bombing and was caught in between one bizarre situation on live television.

The reporter in question is Mike Tobin, who was reporting live from Boston about not just the bombing aftermath, but specifically about Suspect Two being arrested and taken to a hospital after a standoff in Watertown.

But what happens next is downright bizarre.

In the video, the reporter is talking normally to the camera while holding a microphone. Suddenly, two young women swoop in on each side of him.

Attempting to kiss him from both his left and his right side, the women close in on his face. But, somehow, Tobin has the awareness to not just see the women, but stop their kisses.

As the women get closer, Tobin stretches out his forearms and seems to almost elbow each woman out of view of the camera. While doing so, Tobin is heard saying the following with a completely stern face.

“Please don’t do that!”

The clip, as expected in this day and age, has gone completely viral.

What’s more impressive to you: The fact that two women attempted to kiss Tobin at the same time, or that he had the awareness to push them off of him while maintaining his professionalism?

For more on the reporter stops kisses story, please return to this TV column in Boston.

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