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Report suggests Obama is pushing Elizabeth Warren to run against Hillary Clinton

Senator Elizabeth Warren
Senator Elizabeth Warren
Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

A Sunday story in the New York Post suggests that President Obama is conducting a campaign to persuade Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass to run for president against Hillary Clinton in 2016. He is alleged to have offered his full support if Warren decides to run. Obama has tasked his consigliore Valarie Jarrett with the task of setting up the Warren run against Clinton.

The author of the piece, Ed Klein, has recently published a book, entitled “Blood Feud,” that reports that there is an intense political and personal rivalry between the Obamas and the Clintons, dating back to the 2008 campaign. Then, Hillary Clinton was considered the inevitable nominee until a then obscure senator named Barack Obama took the nomination away from her and went on to win two terms as president. Klein is suggesting that Obama intends to repeat history using Warren as his surrogate.

Thus far Warren, who is a former Harvard professor, has expressed reluctance to running for president. She does, however, have the support of some on the left of the Democratic Party. Her policy views tend to be more closely aligned to that of President Obama than that of either Clinton. Many in the Democratic Party are afraid that Clinton is too beholden to special interest and are put off by what they consider to be a sense of entitlement.

Clinton has been conducting a book tour that has featured a number of gaffes, particularly about her personal wealth, that have caused political observers to wonder if she is quite ready to run for president. If she does run for president and if, as reported, Obama persuades Warren to run against her, a clash between two political factions of the Democratic Party that is like something out of “House of Cards” or even “Game of Thrones,” albeit with far less blood-letting, will likely occur.