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Report: Squats the secret to staying healthy, fit, and strong

Report dubs squats the 'Swiss Army knife' of exercises.
JTPhoto/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Various types of squats have been dubbed “the Swiss Army knife of exercise” by one report, which indicates the simple exercise can keep a body fit, strong, and healthy.

According to a Jan. 2, 2014 Daily Beast report, squats are lifesavers for those who sit for long periods of time each day because the movement gives “the most bang for your buck.”

Ari Meisel writes the secret to squats is they use large muscles which burn a lot of fat in the process. He suggests setting a goal of completing at least 100 a day spread throughout the day and in a matter of weeks, a positive body transformation should result.

He also suggests several different types of squats including lateral, deep, jump, and isometric.

According to Meisel, lateral squats involve stepping side to side while keeping feet facing forward.

Deep squats require going “ALL the way down” and then staying in that position for a while, Meisel notes.

A jump squat involves jumping straight up and then landing in a squat position.

Finally, an isometric squat requires dropping down into a squat position and then holding it for as long as possible. For those who sit at a desk, Meisel suggests pushing the “chair away and maintaining the position as if still sitting” in a chair.

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