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Report: Only twenty-nine percent would advise Congress to vote for health care

Organizational Chart of Democrat health care reform
Organizational Chart of Democrat health care reform
Congressman Kevin Brady

Just two days after a late night passage of H.R. 3962- Affordable Health Care for America Act by 220-215 votes a new Gallup poll reveals that, Twenty-nine percent say they would advise their member of Congress to vote for a new health care bill this year. This comes after House Democrats say that a majority of Americans want their version of health care reform.

Fifty-four percent of the same polling group said that if the present legislation in the House passed it past it would make health care in America worse or not much difference than the present system in place. Further, Americans are more pessimistic than ever before on whether health care reform would positively affect their lives. Only twenty-six percent say that heath care reform will make their lives better.

Having said that, views on health care reform remain highly partisan with those for reform: fifty-five percent are Democrats, twenty-two present Independents, and eight percent are Republicans. Those who are against are: eight percent Republican, forty-four percent Independents, and sixty-eight percent Republicans.

With passage of H.R. 3962 in the House, the debate moves to the Senate to be taken up sometime next week. Based on this Gallup poll it appears that most Americans are not convinced that a universal health care system would benefit themselves or others in the future.

The recent results come from the Gallup Oganization polling conducted between Nov. 5-8, 2009. The poll had a ninety-five percent confidence level and a margin of error at ±4 percentage points.



  • Eddie 5 years ago

    You got it wrong!!

    You forget that people VOTED for a Democratic House of Reps. People VOTED for Democratic Senate. Lastly, the people of America VOTED for a man that represents change.
    People of America want definite change in a variety of things...thus the VOTES. These changes include, but are not limited to, diplomacy, economy, environment, money spent on TWO never ending wars... and yes change in health Care.

    You see, votes are the ultimate survey, genius!!

  • Brad 5 years ago

    President Woodrow Wilson said that:

    The history of liberty is a history of resistance. The history of liberty is a history of the limitation of governmental power, not the increase of it.
    ---Address to New York Press Club, September 9, 1912.

    I don't think another finger of the government's hand around my throat is going to make me any freer or healthier.

  • Ellis 5 years ago

    Eddie has a point. I'd put it this way: Be careful when you vote for change, you might just get it.