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Report notes a rather embarrassing situation of U.S troops urinating in public

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A military commissioned a study called: “A crisis of trust and cultural incompatibility: A Red Team study of mutual perceptions of Afghan National Security Force personnel and U.S. soldiers in understanding and mitigating the phenomena of ANSF-committed fratricide- murders” (source: ).

The Red Team report sought to get at the core problems and grievances between American troops and Afghan Security forces.

What it found was rather shocking to say the least.

The report details a litany of complaints against U.S. servicemembers by ANSF members.

Among the lesser tier grievances ANSF have with U.S. soldiers is one that is, frankly speaking rather embarrassing. namely allegations of U.S. servicemembers urinating in public and in front of Afghan women…

Such acts are forbidden in Islam.

It also pissed the Afghan's security forces and police off to no end, because they see it as an act of disrespect toward the people of Afghanistan...

The Red Team report accounts of what ANSF soldiers think about American servicemembers toiletry habits in public.

One ANSF soldier described the situation this way: “They (U.S. soldiers) pee all over, right in front of civilians, including females. If we tell them not to do that, they either don’t listen or get angry at us.”

Another soldier complained: “They pee in the water, polluting it – we told them to stop but they would not listen.”

“They peed in front of a house, they don’t care if woman see them", he said.

“A U.S. soldier peed in a stream, right in front of a woman. This greatly angered us”, said one ANSF member.

“Two U.S. soldiers even defecated within view.”

It should be noted that U.S. soldiers have already caused problem in this respect before.

Footage at the begining of the year showing American soldiers urinating on dead Afghan bodies sparked outrage across the world - with Afghanistan's leaders labeling it as a 'recruitment tool for the Taliban'.

The video was posted on YouTube by someone with the user name "semperfiLoneVoice," along with the description, "Scout sniper team 4 with 3rd battalion 2nd marines out of camp Lejeune peeing on dead Taliban fighters.”

The soldiers, in that case, can be heard laughing and joking in the video, one saying, "Have a great day, buddy."

"Golden like a shower," another soldier says after he is finished urinating. (see video: Marines Peeing on Dead Bodies - US Soldiers Urinating Taliban Video and ).

It seems clear from the Red Team report that American military officials need to get a handle on this problem and order the soldiers not to piss in public, especially in front of Afghan women or police.