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Report: Nintendo to bring game trailers and 'mini-games' to smartphones

Nintendo reportedly bringing "mini-games" to smartphones
Nintendo reportedly bringing "mini-games" to smartphones

In an effort to bring back an audience that has mostly shunned them in this console cycle, Japanese newspaper Nikkei is reporting on Monday that Nintendo is planning on making game trailers and mini-games available on smartphones.

After a rough start to the year where Nintendo had to drastically slash their Wii U forecasts in the coming year, the gaming company is now looking towards alternative methods to get gamers and casual fans interested in their products. While smartphones have been used as marketing tools by Sony and Microsoft to promote their games for years now with apps that either promote or supplement the big screen experience, this will be a first for Nintendo According to the report, Nintendo plans on hyping up their titles by releasing information on the game on phones via trailers and other methods along with "mini-games" that are not meant to be actual demos of the game but just teasers to get people to buy the actual retail title.

A year ago, the Pokemon Company released an iPhone app as to hype up Pokemon X and Y that was not directly tied to Nintendo since it was developed exclusively by the Nintendo subsidiary.

Source: Kotaku (via Nikkei)

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