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Report: Media largely ignores global warming mission of ship stuck in ice

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On Thursday, a group of climate change scientists were rescued from a ship stuck in ice in the Antarctic. But Newsbusters' Mike Ciandella said that nearly 98 percent of reports from the so-called "mainstream media" failed to mention the ship is on a mission to find evidence of global warming.

"Forty out of 41 stories (97.5 percent) on the network morning and evening news shows since Dec. 25 failed to mention climate change had anything to do with the expedition," he said.

Instead of referring to those stranded as researchers, the media called them "passengers," "trackers" and "tourists."

Ciandella noted that the leader of the expedition is Chris Turney, a professor of climate change at the University of South Wales.

According to his own website, the purpose of the expedition is to “discover and communicate the environmental changes taking place in the south.”

Turney, Fox News added, admitted being "stuck in our own experiment," but maintains that sea ice is melting, despite being stuck in ice nearly 10 feet thick.

"Sea ice is disappearing due to climate change, but here ice is building up," the expedition said in a statement.

Only one story out of 41 mentioned the expedition's role, Ciandella said.

On Dec. 30, CBS "This Morning” mentioned the purpose of the trip.

“Despite being frozen at a standstill, the team’s research on climate change and Antarctic wildlife is moving forward,” said CBS News Correspondent Don Dahler.

"The MRC’s Business and Media Institute was unable to view a copy of CBS “Sunday Morning” for Dec. 29, so that broadcast had to be excluded from the tally," Ciandella added.

Incidents like this are the reason a majority now view the media as biased and corrupt.



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