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Report: Marvel moving forward with 'Inhumans' film

The 'Inhumans' are headed to the big screen
Marvel Comics

After the monster success that was “Guardians of the Galaxy”—Marvel Studios’ looks to pluck another team from obscurity to the silver screen: The Inhumans.

Collider reporter earlier today that an “Inhumans” film is currently in the works at Marvel and that Joe Robert Cole wrote the screenplay.

This news comes not too long after Vin Diesel dropped a not-so subtle hint on his Facebok page that made the internet explode with speculation as to whether or not Marvel actually had a “Inhumans” film in the pipeline.

Like “Guardians of the Galaxy,” the script for “Inhumans” comes from a scribe in Marvel’s writing program. According to the report, Marvel is so pleased with the current script that they are ready to move forward and present it to filmmakers.

The Inhumans are the product of Kree experiments on primitive homo sapiens, after the Kree abandoned their experiments—the Inhumans went on to form a thriving society of their own via Marvel Wiki.

It is not the most well known property—but if “Guardians of the Galaxy’s” $94 million opening weekend taught us anything it’s do not ever doubt Marvel’s ability to dig into their staple of characters and find gold.

Now details on the plot are not yet know neither is there an official release date, but it is safe to assume it is more than likely one of Marvel’s unknown films on their current slate thorough May, 2019.

Source: Collider

Should Marvel bring the “Inhumans” to the big screen? Do you think that they shouldn’t get to cocky when it comes to obscure characters? Sound off in the comments below.

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