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Report Lists Most Prevalent Current Cyber Threats You May Not Have Thought Of

Most Prevalent Current Cyber Threats
Most Prevalent Current Cyber Threats

Most people today are aware of the importance of protecting themselves against cybercrime when browsing online. However, a new report shows just how underprotected we really are — even when we think we are taking all the right precautions.

Cybercriminals always aim to be ahead of the curve, so that by the time we are used to their current tactics, they are already coming up with new ways to steal information. These new techniques are often from the least expected sources. This new report lists some worrying statistics that highlight just how true this is.

One area where we are particularly vulnerable is when using mobile devices. It is reported that more than 11.6 million mobile devices are infected by mobile malware at any given time. Between March 2012 and March 2013, the amount of mobile malware grew a massive 614 percent, and the number of mobile banking trojans almost doubled in just the first part of this year.

It also states that, while many of us have full cyber protection software on our computers, few people have any sort of protection on their phones and other mobile devices. This leaves them vulnerable to a number of different cyber attacks. Opening suspicious links and attachments is one of the problems that face mobile users, but the biggest problem comes from corrupted or suspect apps. When downloaded, these apps will ask for access to most parts of the device, and it is almost always given through failure to read the terms and conditions.

As well as through mobile devices, cybercriminals are coming up with other unique ways to garner important information from unsuspecting users. They are doing this through hacked social media accounts, malvertising and various other techniques.

Around 8 million households have had spyware problems in the past six months, and one in four computers are not protected. Those statistics in mind, the new report identifies these problems and offers solutions for staying safe.

View the complete, animated report here

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