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Report: Kennedy family urging Elizabeth Warren to run for president

Will Elizabeth Warren make a run at the White House?
Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

It seems all but certain that the next Democratic nominee for president will be Hillary Clinton. Though it might seem as a foregone conclusion for Clinton to run, one high profiled family in American politics might be putting their chips on a different table.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton could have the nomination locked up if she wants it, but it won't be with the full support of the Kennedy family. According to the New York Post, the Kennedy family is split in their support for Clinton, as Ethel Kennedy, wife of former Sen. Robert Kennedy, and former Rep. Joe Kennedy II have decided to support Sen. Elizabeth Warren for a 2016 run for the White House. Robert Kennedy JR. and Max Kennedy are still sticking with Clinton, but it's a battle within the family.

The Post's Edward Klein, who has been critical of the Kennedy's in previous publications, has stated that a family member told him that the "Kennedy endorsement matters," and that the use of the JFK library was still "magnets for fund-raisers."

"A Kennedy endorsement matters...It's not just the aura of being compared to JFK, Bobby and Ted. But it's also the use of the Hyannis Port compound and the JFK Library, which are magnets for fund-raisers."

Both Warren and Clinton recently visited the Kennedy family in Hyannis Port, one week after each other. Former President Bill Clinton came along with his wife, and was apparently in full campaign mode," shaking hands and speaking with each and every member of the family that was in attendance.

The family seems split because Warren is the one who most resembles the late Sen. Ted Kennedy, a staunch liberal, who stands apart from Clinton, who often appears too close to Wall Street and the Washington establishment.

“Joe thinks Hillary has too many ties with Wall Street,” this source added. “He loves Liz because she’s a full-throated liberal like his Uncle Ted. She has Ted’s voice — loud and angry and triumphant.”

In recent polls, Hillary Clinton is the clear front runner, with nearly 70 percent of Democrats in support of her nomination. Neither Hillary nor Warren have announced that they will run, but Warren seems less likely of the two to do so. Despite her reluctance to announce her run for the White House, it's expected whether the Kennedy family likes it or not.

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