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Report: ISIS terrorists bury women and children alive in mass graves

Report says ISIS burying Yazidi women and children alive in mass graves.
Report says ISIS burying Yazidi women and children alive in mass graves.
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It seems that ISIS militants are no longer satisfied with just beheading children for fun. On Sunday, the Arab News reported that Iraqi human rights minister Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani has accused ISIS of killing some 500 Yazidis and burying women and children alive in mass graves.

“We have striking evidence obtained from Yazidis fleeing Sinjar and some who escaped death, and also crime scene images that show indisputably that the gangs of the Islamic State have executed at least 500 Yazidis after seizing Sinjar,” je told Arab News in a telephone interview. “Some of the victims, including women and children were buried alive in scattered mass graves in and around Sinjar.”

According to Al-Sudani, the Sunni Muslim group regard Yazidis as “devil worshippers” and have ordered them to convert or die. He also said at least 300 women have been taken as slaves, locking some inside a police station while transferring others to the town of Tal Afar. He expressed concern they will be taken out of Iraq.

“In some of the images we have obtained there are lines of dead Yazidis who have been shot in the head while the Islamic State fighters cheer and wave their weapons over the corpses,” he added. “This is a vicious atrocity.”

But it is only the latest in a long string of atrocities reportedly committed by the radical Islamist group who appears intent upon killing everyone who does not sign on to their form of Islam. As we reported Friday, ISIS militants are said to be systematically beheading Christian children in Mosul as part of their genocide. What makes ISIS' atrocities more appalling is the gleeful way its members trumpet their murderous acts. One British jihadi, for example, gloated over his kill by claiming people like to see heads on spikes.

U.S. military aircraft have dropped supplies to the Yazidis trapped on Sinjar, but it is said to be insufficient. Aircraft have also conducted bombing raids on ISIS assets, but President Obama has said the strikes would remain severely limited in nature.

Speaking from the Vatican, Pope Francis said ISIS' atrocities "offends God and deeply offends humanity.” Unfortunately, it doesn't appear to offend some on the left who protested U.S. actions against ISIS.

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