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Report: CM Punk returning to WWE for 'Monday Night Raw' in Chicago

After the events of WWE "Royal Rumble," CM Punk has not been seen on television or even heard from. Rumors circulated that he had quit the company and that WWE had even granted him an early release from his contract. Now, fans are one day away from "Monday Night Raw" in Chicago, and WrestleZone reported on March 2, 2014, that CM Punk is going to be there.

Will CM Punk be on "Raw" in his hometown?

Dave Meltzer is reporting that he has a source in WWE that is a top star in the company. He says that this star said it is "100% certain" that CM Punk will appear on "Raw" on Monday, March 3, 2014.

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This is something that still remains to be seen, and it will be proven in about 24 hours, but it does seem more and more like he will be back. A few things are leading fans and experts to believe that CM Punk is on his way back.

After Punk "left" the company, the official Twitter account of WWE stop following him. Now, the Twitter for the new WWE Network started following Punk.

Also, with Batista's heel turn this past Friday, the main event of "WrestleMania XXX" doesn't make much sense since both he and Randy Orton are heels. Not to mention that the fans won't really care about it at all anyway.

If CM Punk does return, it is expected that either he or Daniel Bryan will be moved up into the title match, and the other will have a match with Triple H.

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