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Report claims video shows Bowe Bergdahl leaving his post in Afghanistan

Caller to radio program says video shows Bergdahl leaving base.
Caller to radio program says video shows Bergdahl leaving base.
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On Tuesday, a caller to "The Buck Sexton Show" claimed that video shows Bowe Bergdahl leaving his post in Afghanistan, The Blaze reported Wednesday.

“I was deployed to Afghanistan in 2009, very close to the (forward operating base) where he was on … right after he walked off the base, they locked down the entire region … and in the group I was part of, we were given a mission briefing, an operational order or a briefing, a mission briefing to basically try to lock down all movement in the region and try to find him,” said a caller identified only as "Alex."

“Wait, there’s video of him walking off the base?" Sexton asked.

“Oh yeah, there certainly is,” the caller insisted. Alex went on to tell Sexton the video “isn’t out yet or unclassified” and further said all forward bases have video cameras "monitoring the entrances and exits of the base."

Alex also said the timing was ironic, telling Sexton he was going through his old “military gear and found his notebook regarding this mission briefing.” According to Alex, the report said Bergdahl walked off the base and was picked up by three men driving a Toyota Corolla hatchback. The men reportedly placed a tarp over his head, and, Alex added, Bergdahl was eventually forced to dress in women’s clothing for a time.

“I’m not sure how this information came about, it was just during my mission briefing that I received,” he added.

The Blaze said another caller to the program disputed Alex's claim. A government public affairs spokesman also disputed the claim.

"That tip does not comport with what we refer to as the facts. I’d double check the legitimacy of your source and more importantly, the feasibility that video might have existed where it did not," said Lt. Col. J. Todd Breasseale.

“For obvious force protection reasons, the Department doesn’t discuss the security tactics, techniques, and procedures of our forces,” he added when asked if video surveillance is used and if it is feasible such a video might exist.

Audio of the exchange can be heard at The Blaze.


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