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Report: Arizona Coyotes have the second best logo in the NHL

Arizona Coyotes logo
Arizona Coyotes logo
Arizona Coyotes

The Hockey News loves the Arizona Coyotes, not as much as the Chicago Blackhawks, but hey some love is better than none.

On Thursday The Hockey News announced that the Coyotes’ logo is second in its rankings of the NHL’s 30 logos. Arizona finished behind Chicago but ahead of 28 other teams. THN used a seven-person panel to develop the rankings.

Rory Boylen, of THN, strongly defended the choice of the second best logo in the NHL in his August 21, 2014 post.

For me, I like the Coyotes logo for the same reasons I like the UConn Huskies logo: it’s just a good looking animal. The Coyotes design isn’t a cartoon, or one that looks soft and too happy for its own good. The howling Coyote is a sophisticated design that also sits nice on the jersey with smooth colors. Some will wonder how we ranked it No. 2 in the NHL – I’ll wonder how others don’t see the beauty in it. So goes the logo ranking process.

The current Coyotes’ logo is a big improvement over the previous Picasso inspired look but I don’t agree with THN’s ratings.

Yes, I would have Chicago first because the Blackhawks’ logo is sharp and timeless. After Chicago, and in no particular order but it will total a Top 10, I would have Montreal, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Edmonton, New Jersey, New York Islanders, St. Louis, Toronto and Philadelphia. If I took the time to develop a list I would likely put Arizona in the middle of the rankings. Vancouver, Minnesota and Nashville would be at the bottom.

I know the coyote portrayed in the logo is howling but a quick quip eight-years ago gave me a fresh perspective.

While at a Coyotes game a friend of mine once referred to the Coyotes logo as a “yawning dog”. That was eight-years ago and I still see a yawning pooch, instead of the intended howling coyote. As a side note he didn’t clarify if it was yawning because it was tired or bored.

This conversation occurred in 2006, when the ‘Yotes finished 31-46-5 and 5th in the Pacific, so it is possible that the mascot was bored from watching his team slowly sink in the standings.

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