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Report reveals MSNBC scripts offensive attacks against conservatives

Melissa Harris-Perry
Melissa Harris-Perry
Larry Busacca/Getty Images

On Monday, Newsbusters reported that MSNBC, the cable outlet known here as the network of insane liberal hate, has assigned an executive to review scripts of programs in order to prevent embarrassing incidents like that with Martin Bashir or Melissa Harris-Perry. The report, citing the National Review, also reveals one important note. MSNBC scripts its offensive attacks on conservatives.

Which means that when Chris Matthews called conservatives "Nazis" or when Chris Hayes attacked veterans, it was all part of a script thought out in advance.

"In recent months, Alec Baldwin, Martin Bashir, and, most recently, Melissa Harris-Perry have awkwardly crashed into the trinity of sexual orientation, gender, and race, leading many to wonder if there are any adults in charge at MSNBC," the National Review said.

According to the National Review, there is one adult -- Rachel Maddow -- but she's neither an executive nor a manager.

So, the job of reining in the crazy falls to Rich Stockwell, a former executive producer of The Ed Show and Countdown with Keith Olbermann.

The National Review said Stockwell will be reviewing scripts in an attempt to "impose order on the chaos reigning at the network."

“Phil [Griffin] was a producer, trained from the beginning to accommodate hosts — he’s incapable of reining these guys in,” a former colleague said.

MSNBC's ratings, the National Review said, is experiencing a "free fall" in its ratings, which are down 29 percent from 2012. By contrast, Fox only dropped five percent after the election and CNN remained flat.



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