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Replicate Julia Roberts’ Red Carpet Nails

Julia Roberts' Red Carpet Mani
Julia Roberts' Red Carpet Mani

It seems that nails are getting more and more attention on the red carpet these days. E! has even introduced a “mani-cam” during their red carpet coverage. Since Examiner loves all things celebrity-beauty, we reached out to Celebrity Manicurist Lisa Jachno of labnails who polished the fingers and toes of some of the evenings most glamorous.

Here, she shares her tips on how to replicate Julia Roberts’ look:

SHAPE: Jachno shaped Julia's nails a trendy square shape using labnails tapered nail file, keeping them short, modern, and sophisticated.

PREP: To achieve the perfect canvas for a glassy and smooth polish application, Jachno buffed the nails lightly with labnails buffy 3 in 1 mani pen. Jachno also indulged Roberts in a good hand and foot massage to prepare her for an evening in high heels. The skin is hydrated and made dewey using Absolue Hand by Lancome.

COLOR: A sophisticated deep purple by Lancome in Midnight Rose #441N. Julia's toes compliment her nails in the same color.