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Replica roulette: Know the risks of buying fake designer handbags

Replica  Louis Vuitton Trevi PM  and replica Louis Pochette wallet.
Replica Louis Vuitton Trevi PM and replica Louis Pochette wallet.
Tiffany Leiba

In these tough economic times the fight to remain fashionable is on. Many women are turning to replica designer handbags, shoes and accessories to maintain their high-fashion look while pinching pennies.

Louis Vuitton, a timeless fashion favorite is often the most replicated as the real thing can range from around $600 to thousands of dollars. For those seeking to have that million dollar look on a pauper's budget, replicas ranging from $95-$300 seem like a steal but sometimes they turn out to be just that.

Upon clicking on any of the many sites offering replicas, potential buyers are overwhelmed with images ripped straight from high fashion magazines followed by photos of handbags that upon first glance look just like the real thing. The trouble with some of these sites is that many of them display photos of the real handbag but ship a poor quality fake instead. Some sites don't ship a purse at all.

There are a slew of websites offering replicas online, many of which are based in Asia. On many of the sites some of the written content is misspelled and/or grammatically incorrect, which is probably a good indication of language barriers. This can really get in the way if buyers are trying to return products or ask questions about a purchase they have yet to receive. Blogs like and feature detailed feedback from scammed buyers of replicas. One buyer even remarked that she was tired of the "adrenaline rush" associated with replicas as she never knew if she would get the bag she was expecting from the different sites she would try. Others talked about being cheated out of refunds and getting the run around when communicating with customer service.

Many of the replica handbag sites recommended by past customers online are now out of order and feature scary court documents that more or less state that the operators have been ordered to pay a sizable judgment to the designers they were ripping off. Despite all of this, many women swear by a good replica and would not consider springing for the real thing. If you are one of these women, please consider the following tips before buying.

Buying Tips:

  1. Buyers determined to get the designer look in the form of a replica need to do their research. Comb through the sites and examine photos of the real product in comparison to the fake.
  2. Try to locate reviews from previous buyers not associated with the website in question. If the review sounds like an ad for the website by being too long and too detailed, chances are it probably is. The operators of these sites are out there on blogs commenting along with actual buyers.
  3. If a website is claiming to have authentic merchandise for 60-80 percent off, in most cases they are not being truthful.
  4. After purchasing and receiving the merchandise compare side by side with the real thing at a store and take photos if possible. If the quality is poor forward photos to the seller and demand a refund. If the site operators are not fair then the buyer can at least publish the photos and spread the word about the poor service and merchandise.


  • katie 5 years ago

    Not to mention that these bags are made in factory's by children in China... it is also illegal. Save yourself the time, and shop at T.J MAX or Marshalls you can find the real deal for a lot less.

  • Abi 5 years ago

    Those are definetly helpfull tips.

  • Profile picture of shoelacebabe
    shoelacebabe 1 year ago

    Those are definitely worth the read. Thank you for these helpful tips. I buy my bags and purse from a very good store online like poshmoda. They won my trust the time I purchased my first LV mono replica 3 years ago.

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