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Replayability is major focus of 'Thief' reboot

Players can experience as much of 'Thief's content as they want
Eidos Montreal, Square Enix

The cult favorite Thief series is set to return next month, with the reboot being handled by Eidos Montreal. OXM recently sat down with Joe Khoury, the game's producer, to talk about the game's focus. During the interview, Khoury spoke about the game's replay value, as well as the player's ability to explore the city around them.

First of all the jobs, side quests, stuff like that – you don't have to play them at all during your first playthrough, you can always buy all the tools you need, the wirecutters and so on, you can buy them through the evolution of the game. You can omit doing any of the jobs and come back on your second playthrough, and go through these jobs and side missions with the tools you acquired on your first playthrough.

Khoury went on to state that most of the gameplay set in the city will be optional. According to him, players will have the choice of spending either a few minutes there or a few hours there, depending on their style of play. He also revealed that all of the city will be open to players near the end of the game, allowing them to revisit areas that had been previously closed off for narrative purposes. The PR agent sitting in on the interview added that story missions will also be replayable, and that replayability was a major focus.

The Thief reboot is set to hit the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One on February 25th.

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