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Replace your deodorant with lemon juice

Lemon juice as deodorant
Lemon juice as deodorant
Lemon juice as deodorant,

While it may sound extremely crazy this could be your next big thing! Deodorant of course is used as an aid to stop out pits from reeking but it comes with its practical side effects. For example, deodorant leaves behind a white film that isn’t attractive (say if you’re wearing a sleeveless top) and I know you may be thinking just use clear deodorant right. Well, how many times have you applied clear deodorant only to wait 10 minutes for it to completely dry (or you may wave your hand under your arm as if it’s on fire). The point is there is a better way.

Lemon juice has been an all around natural healer since ancient Egypt. People use lemon juice for a variety of aliments from weight loss to an antibacterial. Lemons contain citric acid, calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, and pectin just to name a few. It’s specifically the help of the citric acid that eliminates odor under the arms.

To begin using lemon juice as a deodorizer simply purchase a lemon and a small spray bottle. Extract the juice from your lemon sans seeds and pour into your spray bottle. Spray your underarms once or twice and allow to dry (half the time of aluminum based deodorant) then carry on with your day. You will absolutely not smell or sweat ALL DAY!