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Repeat offender - woman caught leaving dog in hot car twice in a week's time

April Smith
April Smith
Booking photo

According to Friday's WCTI News 12, a woman in North Carolina is accused of leaving her dog to suffer in a parked, hot vehicle not once, but twice, within a week's time.

A tan pit bull was discovered on Wednesday inside of April Smith's vehicle - the interior of the car registered a dangerous 102 to 108 degrees. By the time that the female dog was discovered, she was showing signs of distress, including heavy panting - the dog was taken to the East Carolina Veterinary Services for treatment.

According to a news release, the Greenville Police discovered that Smith already had a warrant for animal cruelty from the prior week because she left the same dog to suffer in her car in another county.

The Wednesday incident secured another charge of animal cruelty for Smith, who was arrested and taken to the Pitt County Detention Center on a $12,500 secured bond.

Smith is facing additional warrants to the two animal cruelty charges...she has a warrant for assault inflicting serious injury, assault on a child under 12, in addition to simple assault.

Despite ongoing warnings to pet owners about the dangers of leaving a dog inside of a parked car on warm days, the stories about dogs forgotten and left to die continue...on July 1, a 15-year-old Yorkshire terrier died from heat related maladies after being left inside of a parked vehicle in Annapolis, Md., for two hours - the outside temperate was in the 90s on the day that the dog died. A pit bull left inside of a car parked outside of a Walmart in Crestview, Fla., died on June 27 after being left unattended for 13 hours.

Cracked windows do little, if anything, to reduce the temperature inside of a parked vehicle - on warm days, pets should be left at home.

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