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Repeat a Zimmerman lie long enough, and . . .

George Zimmerman has been repeatedly castigated in the press and media. The facts revealed at trial indicate that he was the victim of a crime, not the perpetrator.

My local newspaper, the Knoxville News-Sentinel, recently had two guest editorial writers, who, either wilfully or ignorantly, attempted to perpetuate the Zimmerman lie.

I wrote a rebuttal, and am grateful to the News-Sentinel for publishing my piece HERE. Unfortunately, only subscribers will be able to access the original at the News-Sentinel web site. But, here is the letter, in full:

Editor, News-Sentinel,

Zimmerman acted in self-defense

Your guest columnists have repeatedly weighed in on the confrontation ending in the death of Trayvon Martin, invoking sympathy for young Martin. Opinions are free to render, but in matters of law concerning life and death, cases must be tried on the facts.

Zimmerman was first tried and convicted by the media, based on what might have been, rather than the facts of the case. But, evidence introduced at trial clearly contradicts the unsupported statements of your commentators John David Buckwalter and Andre Canty.

For example, contrary to Buckwalter’s statement that “Zimmerman clearly started it by leaving his car and pursuing Martin on foot,” the evidence reveals that Zimmerman left his vehicle and followed Martin at a distance, until the dispatcher told him, “You don’t have to do that.” Well known expert witness Massad Ayoob sums it up, “The evidence indicates that he stopped following Martin at that moment.”

Buckwalter’s and Canty’s arguments against Stand Your Ground laws are simply not applicable in this case. Again the evidence reveals that Martin attacked Zimmerman after Zimmerman had gone in another direction. Lying on his back with his head being pounded against concrete means Martin gave him no opportunity to retreat. He had no hoice.

The trial evidence indicates there were two incidents and that Martin was the only aggressor.

Incident one - Zimmerman did not pursue, but followed Martin at a distance. Zimmerman turned and went in another direction, at the request of the dispatcher.

Incident two – Martin followed Zimmerman, closed with him, and feloniously assaulted him. Martin got Zimmerman down, and bashed his head against the concrete.

It is regrettable that Martin was killed, but anyone in Zimmerman’s situation, including Buckwalter and Canty, would have used any means available to defend his life.


Liston Matthews

For the complete detail of Ayoob's analysis, review the index of his posts HERE.


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