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Repeal of school gun free zones introduced in the U.S. House

Gun rights at risk
Gun rights at risk
Grant Chapman

Texas Congressman Ron Paul has introduced H. R. 2613 - Citizens Protection Act of 2011 a bill to repeal the GUN-FREE SCHOOL ZONES ACT OF 1990.

Why is this important?

Right after constitutional carry passed here in Wyoming there were some law enforcement officials that told me they would be aggressive toward people carrying guns, even those lawfully carrying.

And like me, you should take them at their word.

Picture a traffic stop within a 1000 feet of a School and you ignore your right to refrain from answering questions or you figure "I have nothing to hide". But the difference is you have been stopped by a police officer that believes that citizens should not be armed. Out comes the measuring tape and the rest is history.

By now you should get the picture and yes there are cops in Wyoming that don't like citizens being armed.

The Gun Free Zone Act is a law to deter even lawful carry using gun free zones that have been purposely placed as hurdles to be used at the discretion of law enforcement and prosecutors.

If this wasn't so then why is it on the books?

Of course you and I know that the founders never intended for your God-given right to self defense to be under the control and discretion of bureaucrats.

And let's not forget - common sense tells us the bad guys don't follow the law and the politician's misguided policies only prohibit good folks from fighting back.

The reality is by disarming you and me the politicians in Washington have made sure of one thing -- that the criminals are free to slaughter innocent victims. That is exactly what happened at The Columbine Massacre in Colorado where twelve teenagers and one teacher were killed.

Call Wyoming U.S. Representative Cynthia Lummis and urge her to support gun owners in Wyoming by co-sponsoring the Citizens Protection Act of 2011 - H. R. 2613.

Phone: (202) 225-2311

If you are reading this outside of Wyoming do likewise with your own state reps.

Join organizations that will not compromise and have a strategy to stifle the ruling class and their plans like WyGO - Wyoming Gun Owners

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