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Repeal HR3590 - the Republican response

By many accounts the Congress will resume a Republican majority after the 2010 midterm elections. Will that effectively signal the end of Health Care Debate?

The Republicans seeking re-election, the new crop of wannabe Republican congressmen, and the incumbent Republicans have one thing in common. They overwhelmingly support the repeal of HR3590, the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act signed into law on March 23, 2010. Once it is repealed, they propose a more reasonable and fair handed approach to Health Care Reform. Since a vast majority of Americans are satisfied with the existing system, they need only to seek a law which will address the most heinous of insurance company abuses.

Believing that it was my right and responsibility, I contacted my Congressman with concerns with the direction of health care. I urged him to begin work on the existing law to address valid complaints contained in the massive bill. His response affirmed that his primary goal was to work to repeal HR3590. This response, coupled with Republican inaction on health care over the last twenty years, leads me to make the following predictions:

There will be a great celebration when HR3590 is repealed. The American people have finally been heard, they will claim. The flawed piece of legislation will be overturned, and those who spoke the loudest against the measure will engage in joyful conversations about the great work they have done in Congress.

There will be a few stalwart Republicans (Congressman Phil Roe among them) who still believe that Health Care is a major issue for the middle class and the abuses must be stopped. The overwhelming majority of Republicans will be more concerned with overturning Cap and Trade laws, eliminating the President’s recently formed commission to evaluate spending cuts, immigration reform, financial reform and a host of other grievances perpetrated by the alleged corrupt Democratic Congress.

Health care reform will no longer be an issue. The American people do not support moving forward on the issue and 80% of responsible Americans are perfectly satisfied, based on the blanket of condemnation cast over the debate in 2010. The stalwart Republicans, who have committed their service to address the issue, will be silenced to the greater Republican platform of growing business and growing the economy. The only health care reform consistent with their platform will be to issue a federal tort reform policy, and allow the insurance companies to compete across state lines. That is the goal of Health Care Reform for a Republican as it will grow business and subsequently grow the economy.

When HR3590 is repealed, the debate will be over. We will continue supporting the mentality of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” while health care costs will continue to outpace inflation in growth. All that will be left for Americans to do is grieve over finally getting what we asked for, and watch our friends and family suffer from health and financial catastrophes caused by inadequate and unaffordable health care coverage. 


  • Alicia 5 years ago

    I don't like your prediction...but I think that's probably close to what will happen, sadly...

  • m 5 years ago

    Republicans are EVIL. They (all Republicans) should be repealed, or better yet shot.

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