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Repairing Romeo Valentines planning advice exclusively for men

Do not despair Valentines planning advice is here!
Do not despair Valentines planning advice is here!

Does the subtle hints and the mere words of valentines day send a tingling sensation up your spine, blow the remote right out of your hand, and leave you scratching your head wondering what the heck your going to do? Valentines day is soon approaching and it is the most personalized event to ever be planned. This article is dedicated to all the wonderful men with a big heart and whom suffer from, " valentine-a-phobia", lack of valentine planning knowledge.  For years, a quick call to the florist and a box of chocolates rescued men all over the world, however this cliche is cheating you from really expressing your love for her on the most romantic day of the year.

Some say, Valentines Day is so commercial and costly. You do not have to spend a lot of money to impress the woman in your life. Lets face it guys, women are energized by emotions and emotions are free. So though you may get a pass three hundred and sixty four days a year, you know on valentines day the unthoughtful mind will probably turn cupid's arrow aiming directly at you.

First, use the same techniques that you used to get her attention at the onset of the relationship. Put much thought into her desires. A good man knows what it takes to get his woman beaming, and if you forgot, it's time to take refresher notes for the next few weeks preceeding valentines day. Here are some great tips to break the valentines day cliches and step out, up, and into her heart.

Share your feelings, yes gentlemen feelings! Write your thoughts about her on paper and put it into words. Use paper that is of good quality because without a doubt that love letter will represent itself many times for many years to come. Delight her with a wake-up message on the bathroom vanity mirror. Use soap to scribble your thoughts, a wonderful way to start this special day. (Be sure to leave space for her to do her hair and make-up), nothing is worse than a bad hair day especially on valentines day. Tuck a message of love in her purse or apply a sticky note on the steering wheel of her car. Purchase glass markers to exclaim your love for her on her car windows. Yes, gentlemen this is the one morning to get up early and make things happen!

Thinking about taking her out to dinner again this year? Not a bad deal, someone does all the work, and you whip out your card and pay! Is that really any different from a regular date night?  How art thou creative Romeo? How about cooking her an unexpected romantic dinner? If you are a great cook, wonderful, however you may need some help. Harris Teeter in Greenbrier offers precooked gourmet meals from veal parmesan to stuffed cabbage rolls, and many local restaurant favorites. You can purchase items by the pound and transfer them onto your own dining table. She will never know that you did not spend all day in the kitchen. You can even call your favorite restaurant and have them box up two meals to transfer to your home dining area. If you want to step it up a bit, how about having a theme dinner by implementing an oriental theme with pillows on the floor, chop sticks, and ordering some sushi from Nana's on battlefield boulevard or a Italian cuisine theme by ordering from 'Carabas's takeout and accenting the table with a nice bottle of her favorite wine. For some extra fun you can even dress and act out the theme. Important, don't forget the dessert, a nice chocolate theme dessert is wonderful or you can take it to the next level and purchase a fondue pot, melt some chocolate and accent it with mini cheesecake, fruit, pound cake and oh, don't forget the strawberries! Taking the time to set a table for two with candles, a rose on her plate, and yes (don''t forget the love letter), will roar volumes in regards to your love for her. For a finishing touch and to mark the occasion, Things remembered in greenbrier mall offers many items at a very reasonable and low cost that you can have personalized. Woman absolutely love a personalized gift because once again, like a love letter, its your words that hold the most value.

If your lady is a career woman and you have heard all about the valentines, "one-upper", pressure in her office, why not contact her boss and ask if you can obtain access to her office an hour prior to her arrival? Go to the dollar store and purchase a variety of valentine theme items and decorate her office. Sprinkle Hersey kisses on her desk, pick up a few roses with a little bud vase, and yes don't forget the love letter taped to her office chair. The other girls may receive a delivery of flowers from a local florist, and those guys probably spent big bucks to have them delivered just to say I love you, but your lady will be the envy of the office because you went out of your way to say I "really" love you.

These pointers are just to highlight how to really, "slam dunk" the upcoming valentines holiday. It is not a secret that men love a challenge and agonize defeat so valentines day is undoubtedly your opportunity to come out a first place winner. Of coarse, your lady might have personal favorites and preferences hence the importance of planning in advance, taking notes, and morphing her dreams into reality. A listening ear, a thoughtful mind, and a personal touch will not only guarantee a smile on her face but your wallet will appreciate you too!


  • Tina 5 years ago

    That was informative, and fun! Great Job, hope my man reads it!! :)

  • Jason 5 years ago

    Thanks Helena! I was wondering what to do this year and a lady friend of mine told me to look up your site. Now I have some great ideas to really please the Mrs... I really appreciate the tips and tricks and Im sure she will appricate it too!

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