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Rep. Vance McAllister admits he is passionately kissing a staffer in video

Vance McAllister, a Republican representative from Louisiana, has now admitted that he is the man seen in a surveillance video that shows a man and woman sharing a passionate kiss. The woman who was locking lips with Rep. Vance McAllister has been identified as Melissa Anne Hixon Peacock, a now-former staffer who was McAllister’s district scheduler. According to a Time report on Monday, the woman is no longer employed by the representative.

US Rep. Vance McAllister

McAllister is in a video from last December in which he is seen turning lights off in a hallway before leaving the video camera’s view. When he returns to the camera shot area, he is joined by Peacock and enjoying a lengthy passionate kiss.

Making matters worse – if at all possible – McAllister ran a campaign in 2013, prior to winning his election, which focused on Christian values. He reportedly sold himself to his state’s voters as a devout Christian who spoke of faith and his 16-year marriage – and they apparently bought it. To top the story off, he is married with five children.

As politicians in an incredibly bad situation often do, McAllister released a statement on Monday in which he admitted that he is the man seen in the video. In his own words, he asserted, “There’s no doubt I’ve fallen short – and I’m asking for forgiveness.” He went on to state that he is asking for forgiveness from God, his wife, his kids, his staff, and his constituents who elected him to serve. In other words, he's still hitting the voters with his Christian values angle.

Rep. McAllister won a special election to replace Rep. Rodney Alexander last November. He replaced Rep. Rodney Alexander who became secretary of the Louisiana Department of Veterans Affairs last August.

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