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Rep. Shelia Jackson (D-Tex) Wants ‘Transitional Living Fund’ – Paid to be Poor

Russia’s father of Communism Vladimir Lenin would be proud of Rep. Shelia Jackson (D-Texas) who wants welfare to officially become the ‘Transitional Living Fund’. On Wednesday, the far left congresswoman gave a speech on the House floor that called for an endorsed government welfare program that embodies the idea of it being permissible in being “Paid to be Poor.” In effect she wants to Americans to adopt a new way of viewing welfare and poverty in America, reported the Blaze.

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee wants America to embrace new welfare defintion
Photo Credit - The Daily Caller

Much like Lenin who launched in 1921 what he called a “New Economic Policy” that became a failed system of state capitalism; Jackson seems to think welfare permanency is given credibility if it is called a ‘Transitional Living Fund’. In the end the result is that a permanent underclass in America is created.

As Rep. Jackson, continued to share her vision for the permanent underclass she fully embraced the 50 year ‘War on Poverty’ launched by the President Lyndon Johnson. She believes that this was a success for its addressing, the continuing challenges of ever growing poverty in America.

According to the Blaze she strongly urged, “Maybe the word welfare should be changed to something of, ‘a transitional living fund.’ For that is what it is — for people to be able to live.”

The so-called War on Poverty has spent in trillions of dollars to have less than a marginal impact upon the lives of those who dwell in urban and rural poor areas in America. In effect Congresswoman Jackson supports the idea that pouring more money into a bottomless poor will somehow lift the needy, the educationally challenged and the out-of work up into prosperity.

She even produced a photo of some people standing in line and insisted, they were, “possibly looking for work,” reported the Blaze. Of course there is no way to tell if they are looking for work or standing in line to play the lottery.

For Jackson, Obama and even Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, playing musical chairs with federal programs by changing their names in order to fool the public and the ever compliant mainstream media is not going to work much longer. Name changes do not remove the reality that Obama’s fifth year in office means that this is his failed economy not his predecessor’s, President G.W. Bush’s.

With the Democrat strategy to run away from Obamacare and into the ever willing arms of class and race warfare tactics, Jackson and liberal leaders hope the new welfare label catches on.

Here’s a news flash, being “Paid to be Poor” is not a job and it certainly does not have a future except to continue America’s forward path to creating a permanent welfare state. Americans get thank, thank you very much president Obama and Rep. Shelia Jackson.

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