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Rep. Peter King is upset that Democrats are ignoring the Benghazi scandal

Attack in Benghazi, Libya on Sept. 11, 2012
Attack in Benghazi, Libya on Sept. 11, 2012
Photo courtesy of ABC News

Rep. Peter King revealed during an interview yesterday on "Fox News Sunday" that his democratic counterparts in the House of Representatives are planning to boycott the continued Benghazi hearings. The renewed interest in continuing these hearings were escalated following the revelation of an email from a White House adviser instructing U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice about the talking point to use when she spoke of the incident during her appearence on news outlets following the deadly attack.

According to Rep King's (R-NY) own assertion, the focus of the hearings are not so much about what led up to the attack, or how to prevent future attacks, but rather what did Obama do following the attack. The scandal is directly focused on the president's whereabouts while the attack was taking place and what role did the White House (Obama) play in drafting the talking points explaining the incident.

Democratic representatives are opposed to the partisan nature in which this supposed scandal has developed going back the the very hours in which the attack was taking place. Then presidential hopeful Mitt Romney blasted the Obama administration for allowing the attack before the White House had announced that there had been an attack. Darrell Issa's refusal to call Romney before his committee to find out how he knew there had been an attack before anyone else in the country should have been the genesis of his investigation.

To deny that this scandal is perceived as being political in nature based on the determination to smear the White House is absurd to say the least. By all accounts, the central focus of the pundits and commentaries are focused on Obama's timeline during the attack rather than the attackers themselves. The assumption is that the president invited the National Security Council to the White House and they all sat around eating popcorn and watched the event as it was happening.

The viewers who tuned in to the "Bill O'Reilly" show on Friday night got a sense of how the "No Spin" news show was spinning the latest episode. Laura Ingraham was substituting for O'Reilly on Friday and the spin went like this. First, she played the introduction to the show using her voice as the promo. In that promo she repeated the famous O'Reilly quote, "The spin stops here." Once she began the broadcast, she did nothing but spin the assertion that the White House was guilty of a cover-up.

Lest keep in mind that we're not talking about a cover-up of White House involvement in the attack, (That's what Mitt Romney should be subpoenaed for) but rather who was involved in drafting the talking points that were made public following the attack. Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) has made no apology for public ally stating that, "This president cannot be trusted." That belief has permeated the entire thinking of the Republican Party to the point that no meaningful legislation can possibly take place until there is a different Congress or a different president.

With the troubles Chris Christie is having in New Jersey over the "Bridgegate" scandal and the emergence of of Rand Paul as the beneficiary of his demise, Jeb Bush is being courted to enter the race to oppose the presumed democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. With this new development becoming public, Mitt Romney is contemplating entering the race is Jeb Bush does not.

What a twist of fate? If this happens, we may finally find out how Mitt Romney knew there had been an attack in Benghazi, Libya when the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton did not have that information. That's why this scandal hasn't gone anywhere and is not going anywhere. Point being, it's a manufactures scandal.

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