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Rep. Mo Brooks accuses Democrats of waging 'war on whites'

Rep. Mo Brooks of Alabama

Rep. Mo Brooks, a Republican lawmaker from Alabama, has accused the Democrats of waging a “war on whites” while appearing on Laura Ingraham’s radio show on Monday. At the time of Brooks’ comment, he was debating a comment by Ron Fournier on Fox News Sunday about the Republicans anti-immigration policies turning the Republicans into a “party of white people,” according to a Huffington Post report on Monday. Turning Founier's race-baiting comment arround, the comment from Brooks tends to balance out Fournier’s biased comment which appears to attempt the political-pitting of whites against minorities. Fournier is a political journalist.

Brooks said that this is a part of the war on whites that has been launched by the Democratic Party – and the way in which they are launching this war is by claiming that whites hate everybody else. The politician said that it is part of the strategy that President Barack Obama implemented in 2008 and continued in 2012, where he divides us all on race, on sex, greed, envy, class warfare, and all those kinds of things. In summation, Brooks says that that is absolutely not true.

Brooks continued that every single demographic group is hurt by falling wages and lost jobs. He said that the Democrats have to demagogue on this and try to turn it into a racial issue, which is an emotional issue, rather than a thoughtful issue. He also said that if all of this becomes a thoughtful issue, then Republicans win and win big while Democrats lose and they lose big, according to Mediaite.

Laura Ingraham stated during the show that Brooks’ characterization of “war on whites” was, in her words, “a little out there.” She said that that phraseology might not be the best choice. Yet, it is the wording that Brooks went with and is now up for discussion and debate. There are many who will agree with Brooks, naturally, that the Democrats constant badgering of Republicans over the immigration issue and desire to stop immigrants at closed borders is nothing more than a “war on whites.” Though, it is unclear that there aren’t many minorities who would like to see America’s borders tightened as well.

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