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Rep. Michael Grimm, congressman who threatened reporter, apologizes

Rep. Michael Grimm is now known as the congressman who threatened a reporter after his heated interaction with NY1 reporter Michael Scotto Tuesday night. Now Grimm has apologized, and Scotto says he has accepted the apology. NPR shared the latest details on Jan. 29.

Rep. Michael Grimm is the congressman who threatened a reporter
Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

The bizarre incident was caught on camera, and the story quickly spread. Scotto was briefly interviewing Rep. Michael Grimm after the president's speech Tuesday, and that is when the congressman threatened the reporter. Scotto was cut off as he started to ask a question about an investigation into possible problems with a donor to Grimm's campaign in 2010. Instead of letting the question be asked, Grimm cut off Scotto and said he wouldn't respond to anything off-topic.

Rep. Michael Grimm then went on to say, “Let me be clear to you: You ever do that to me again, I'll throw you off this f***ing balcony.” He then said that Scotto wasn't man enough to ask the question and Grimm would break him in half like a boy. Clearly this wasn't a response most would feel was appropriate.

Since the video of the interaction went viral, the congressman who threatened the reporter has apologized. Grimm said he was annoyed because he had done the NY1 interview first over other requests, and he felt the question was a cheap shot and disrespectful. The latest details indicate that Rep. Michael Grimm called Michael Scotto and apologized, admitting he had overreacted.

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