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Rep. Mark Pocan's concern for "most vulnerable" of Americans reeks of hypocrisy

U.S. Rep. Mark Pocan waves "adios" to 20 million jobless Americans, the rule of law and American sovereignty
U.S. Rep. Mark Pocan waves "adios" to 20 million jobless Americans, the rule of law and American sovereignty

In his most recent pitch for restoring unemployment benefits, U.S. Rep. Mark Pocan (D-WI) makes the following hypocritical statements :

"As we head into February, some of the most vulnerable in our society are facing a completely unnecessary challenge: the loss of their emergency unemployment benefits."

. . . Instead of focusing on making life harder for struggling Americans . . .

I say hypocritical because Pocan is among the 193 Democrats cosponsoring H.R. 15 that would do exactly what he is telling constituents should be avoided.

This bill, which is the identical twin of the Senate amnesty legislation (S. 744) passed in June, would not only legalize and give work permits to nearly 12 million illegal aliens, it also would double annual legal immigration to 2 million people and in the first 10 years mean 33 million more foreign workers, most of them having few skills and little education, for the most vulnerable Americans to compete with .

Can anyone, including Pocan, argue that such a folly isn't a completely unnecessary challenge? That adding millions of foreign workers to an already bloated labor pool at a time when job creation is lagging far behind our immigration fueled population growth wouldn't make life harder for our jobless citizens?

Pocan said he invited a recently laid off steamfitter as his guest to attend the State of the Union of address in the hopes that the Wisconsinite's "story, and the stories of millions of out-of-work Americans from across the country, will spur Congress to move past politics and instead represent our constituents who are struggling just to get by."

Don't bet the ranch that Pocan, who isn't about to move past politics on this issue, bothered to tell the jobless Wisconsinite that he fully supports allowing 7 million illegal aliens to remain here and keep their jobs in construction, manufacturing, services and transportation.

Pocan and his two-faced party long ago gave up the right to boast that Democrats represent the interests of working men and women. Their top priority now is to become and remain the nation's only major political party for decades to come, and the path to that goal requires abandoning the rule of law, our national sovereignty and wiping their feet on the hopes and dreams of 20 million Americans unable to find full-time work.

In case you haven't noticed, searching for a better life in this country now is the exclusive domain of the foreign-born, especially those here illegally.

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